10 Basic Watercolour Facts information technical how to use

1. It’s made from pigments which are actually ground collectively and held in concert with a gum binder that is water soluble, of course.

Put simply, the colour you use to the fabric will not be exactly the same colour you will get as soon as the color has dried out. The ultimate, dried colour is aproximatelly 2 times lighter compared to the first colour applied to the fabric.


3. It’s really safe and virtually non toxic.

4. It’s been utilized for many millennia – cave paintings completed in paleolithic Europe had been conducted in watercolour.

5. It may be opaque or transparent. Transparent watercolours allow the light into the fabric and mirror it returned, developing a kind of glowing effect.

6. It is available in pans or tubes. With tubes, you simply squirt the color out and go from there. Typically speaking, tubing paints are easier to mix; they are also cheaper and are much better for producing big washes. Most artists choose using tube paints.


The majority of the watercolour paints out there now are non fugitive, which means the colour will not fade as rapidly and will as a result survive a great deal more.

8. The identical colour by many different companies might not appear the same. In case you would like to make use of a specific colour, ensure to purchase the paints of yours from a single supplier so you receive a regular colour.

9. As it’s water based, watercolour paint is extremely unpredictable. When painting with watercolours, you’ve to find out how you can manage the color. Obviously, you can make the color do a point and include this into your painting.


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