13 Bad Photography Habits To Break Your Photography

Do this easy test below. For every bad habit, provide yourself an exam score.

01. Leave The Camera At HOME

The very best digital camera is the one you’ve with you – even in case it is on the smart phone of yours. Not every picture you take is actually photography competition information, or perhaps is actually of business value.

02. Count on A single Memory CARD

Those small storage cards are very pricey, though the urge to be frugal will attack you on the bum. The treatment? Buy far more memory cards.

03. DON’T Back Up The PHOTOS of yours

He recently confessed he has lost several of the precious photos of his. Personally, I’ve encountered the pain of getting a hard disk fail, shedding over a year ‘s professional photography work.


Regularly checking out the images of yours on the LCD screen is called chimping. Absolutely nothing wrong with it, except in case you are into street photography, or perhaps at a wedding day or even party. You might miss that decisive time, as you are very engrossed in the perfectionistic inclination of chimping.


Nevertheless, this will yield results that are predictable. When recording in a place, learn to’ work the scene’. Keep in mind that the most effective tool of composition is the feet of yours.

06. Fail to Consider the BACKGROUND

Search for a history behind the subject of yours. This can isolate the subject of yours from the mess beyond, attaining a degree of splitting up.


In case you would like the photos of yours to stand out, study and make use of the Rule of Thirds, rather compared to place your center point bang in the center, like many people do, (in blissful ignorance). Or perhaps, add powerful by tilting the camera of yours at an angle. Do not forget to try out several kinds of framing: portrait orientation versus landscaping orientation. Or perhaps actually a truly broad panoramic crop.


08. SHOOT Only In Bright DAYLIGHT

Confession time,.. I’m guilty of that. Additionally, I used small digital camera models for a ten years, which were powerless in low light scenarios.

Nevertheless, under a harsh, midday sunlight, shadows are actually brief and thus items don’t seem three dimensional, lacking form. Even worse, they might have an ugly’ sun-dial’ impact under the noses of theirs! Better to present individuals in the shade.

Landscapers must figure out how to work with softer, diffused lightweight – this’s necessary for waterfall scenes.

09. DON’T Read the Camera MANUAL

Exact same old story: you purchase a brand new camera, place the package away as well as the camera ‘s manual visits inside the clear plastic bag. Maybe you were way too excited to use the new gadget of yours. Well, today it is some time to dig out the mechanical, and hit it with a highlighter dog pen.

Be methodical, and faithfully work through each performance of the camera of yours. You might discover features you did not know existed!


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