2008 Chevy Cruze

A bit backwards in case you ask us, since the U.S. market is definitely the biggest for General Motors (though China might love to differ). Nevertheless, it is much better late than never.


Couple most of that with the regular safety features including ten (ten!) basic airbags along with OnStar, the Cruze probably looks as a class leader, more than on paper.



Absolutely no leather, absolutely no alloys. Yes you read correctly, an automobile with a cost of more than 1dolar1 20,000 and we had been using on hubcaps and steels.



Pop the shifter into the torque and manumatic mode becomes a lot more obvious. Actually, it practically fooled us into thinking we were able to hang with the likes of snow compacts including the Honda Civic Si. Then again, we had been reminded of the minimal rolling resistance tires which protested at almost any given time with only a hint of spirited driving.

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