2017 Honda Accord Ex-L

But the chassis?

Not merely does the Accord try soaking up bumps like it is suspended on ShamWows, additionally, it neatly controls body motions when you choose to run harder. Flip the automobile into a bend and you receive an immediate feeling of unflappability and obedience, with what qualifies as a level cornering attitude among its cut-throat set. The steering is not sports car quick – that desires that with their family sedan? – though it’s progressive, light, as well as tells the driver what is happening at the front wheels, a lot like the steering we love in many Audis. In case there were things such as sommeliers for automobile chassis, this will be one they would fetch from the back space for probably the best clients.

This’s good for anxiety stops, although, particularly for the kind of printer driver – read: most everybody – who’s anxious about dipping way too deeply into the pedal traveling. In regular driving, this is not a problem.

The Honda 6 also includes cylinder deactivation during light load cases, which will help highway fuel economy, and we cannot say we actually felt or even observed it in performance.

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