2017 Honda Accord Sedan

The point is actually, in case history is actually a guide, the vast majority of the Accords the Honda sells will not have that car.

A million or even more Accords equipped this way will help make their way onto American highways over the following few years before Honda actually believes about revising this powertrain. In case you do not wind up operating an automobile this way yourself, it is someone that is likely in the immediate family of yours will.

That said, the blend of 1.5T and CVT is not terrible.

This Honda interacts with the driver of its almost intuitively; there is an eagerness which is not available in its opposition. Let us begin with the transmission.


By the nature of theirs, CVTs are not hard to despise. Honda pushes the advantage even more in the Accord’s CVT by creating in virtual gear actions that make a far more natural engine note during speed.


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