3 Amazing Species of Wood That Makes Excellent Staircase Projects

A brand new timber staircase is able to change the hallway of yours and provide the entire property an increase. Actually only replacing the banister rail is going to make a huge impact to the appearance and feel of the home of yours, not to mention is substantially quicker as well as less than investing in a full set of stairs.

Selecting which items to use, nonetheless, isn’t necessarily simple. We check out several of the various wood types readily available for stair building.

Scandinavian Pine

Additionally referred to as European redwood, this pale yellowish softwood is actually manufactured in sustainable plantations, which makes it a good environmental option. Affordable and attractive, with a knotty look adding character, pine is actually perfect for anybody on a low cost. And naturally in case you are intending to carpet or even paint the staircase, you might believe there is little reason for splashing out on costly components which will basically be covered up.

Southern Yellow Pine

This’s probably the largest, strongest and hardest sort of pine – harder, actually, compared to most hardwoods. Southern yellow-colored pine is actually a durable, cost-effective and sustainable timber, with an appealing golden colour and distinct huge grain pattern. Developed abundantly in southern areas of the USA, it’s perfect for staircases, furniture and floors.


An versatile and attractive softwood with a gentle sheen, hemlock has a straight, light coloured grain which may be varnished to a rich golden colour. Furthermore, it’s easy and knot-free practically to work with. This will make it an excellent replacement for costlier timbers like oak or perhaps ash, therefore is worth looking at whether the budget of yours is restricted. Hemlock could additionally be tarnished, painted or varnished.


You will find numerous kinds of oak, with yellow oak viewed as the most effective choice for stairs. Prized because of its durability and power, it’s a lovely knot free grain which never appears to go out of style. In reality, so heavy is white oak that it’s just about water tight, and that’s why it’s utilized to make, along with some other things, boats, backyard furniture and wine barrels.


Another benefit of white oak would be that the grain is quite steady, with not many variants in shade as well as pattern. It is then much easier to match up brand new stairs with current oak fittings including skirting doors, floors, and boards. Additionally, it uses wood treatments really simply.

You will find 2 primary sources of white oak: the USA as well as Europe. American white oak is much more widely available, and consequently more affordable, with a straight grain as well as pale biscuit colour. European oak is actually a somewhat darker, golden honey shade with a singular wavy grain pattern.


This particular premium hardwood is actually tougher compared to oak, with a primarily straight grain as well as appealing colours ranging from cream to pale brown color. Probably the most abundant category is actually American white ash. Heavy, difficult also very shock resistant, it will make superb stair treads. Due to the fact it’s an open grain, ash is quite versatile, so could be formed to develop a bunch of curved stair components.


This particular reddish brown hardwood appears much like mahogany, and indeed belongs to exactly the same household. Using a singular restricted, interlocking grain, it offers a cost-effective and strong option for using in furniture, cabinets and flooring in addition to stairs. Sapele is more difficult plus more consistent compared to mahogany, with a thick framework which is extremely reluctant to rot and nearly entirely water tight. It is then perfect for outdoor and also interior use.


Native to West Africa, idigbo is actually a pale yellow brown hardwood with a variable grain which may be straight, somewhat unusual or even interlocking. It’s frequently picked as an affordable option to oak, and may be tarnished, painted or varnished. Even though idigbo isn’t as durable as oak, it provides a great amount of strength with very little shrinkage, and may be formed to generate sexy curved stair components.


There are many kinds of walnut tree, but the one most often-used in staircase building is actually American black walnut. Stable and strong, this particular premium hardwood has a largely straight grain as well as ranges in colour out of chocolate that is dark to a pale brown color. Black walnut is costly but flexible also very hard wearing. It may be carved into elaborate shapes, making it perfect for complex stair pieces for example balusters, volutes as well as newel caps.



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