3 Exciting New Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas

Have you been prepared for a difference this Thanksgiving? Tired of the very same roast turkey? Searching for new Thanksgiving menu ideas? I was. Certainly, we would still have turkey, but perhaps rather than a fifteen lb. bird we would have a turkey breast. I would still make their preferred Apple, Sage as well as Sausage Stuffing on the edge, and I’d nonetheless make Madeira grey. The issue was what new product to add to my Thanksgiving menu?


I made the decision on a ham. A gorgeous Pineapple Glazed Ham as mom used to create.

I chose to add another brand new dish to the Thanksgiving dinner menu of mine, a traditional Chestnut Stuffing. I discovered a formula in my mother ‘s outdated cookbook.

Along with brand new Thanksgiving dinner recipes I would cook my true and tried family favorites. Some gourmet cooks might turn their noses up, though our loved ones looks forward to it each year.

This year I am going to share the Thanksgiving Recipes of mine with them. It is always beneficial when family as well as friends each bring a single dish for supper.


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