3 Reasons To Buy Used Cars From a Ford Dealership

From clear monetary incentives to enhanced better buying tools and reliability, there has never been a much better time to think about buying a used truck or car. Not sold? Allow me to share 3 good reasons to purchase used for your upcoming vehicle.

Save yourself Money

It is no secret that purchasing a car used rather than completely new is going to save you cash, but exactly how much cash will you save? That is an estimated 1dolar1 13,500 in cost savings.

With purchasing brand new, there’s additionally the depreciation factor. Once you drive a new automobile off the great deal, its price drops by a number of 1000 dollars. Based on stats from Consumer Reports, a brand new automobile purchased in today’s sector will depreciate to only fifty four % of the original price tag of its after only 3 years on the street. With second hand automobiles, such depreciation is actually a rarity, making sales and trade-ins back to the car dealership much more economically viable.


Get a Reliable (And Better) Vehicle

The explanation is actually simple: if you save by purchasing your automobile used, you are able to put that extra cash towards a much better make or perhaps model. In case you do the homework of yours, the price has to be about actually – and in the very long run, the expense will probably fall in the favor of yours. By picking a better made design, your used car will probably outlive the healthy, less efficient option. For used automobile buyers, this’s news that is good. The used car is no longer a short-term fix, but a dependable option to purchasing brand new.

Vehicle History Reports as well as CPO Programs: the Future of Used Car Buying


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