3 Reasons to Love Glass Stairs

It is not tough to find out exactly why glass staircases, particularly glazed side panels, have grown to be very popular in the latest times. As new build houses appear to be smaller & smaller sized, and climbing rates force numerous purchasers to settle for modestly sized attributes, home owners are actually discovering resourceful means to create the very best of what room they’ve.

To use glass rather than metal or maybe wood in the stair banisters of yours are able to provide many benefits:


The hallway is usually the darkest part of the home, which is not perfect for creating a great first impression on guests. A regular staircase balustrade, consisting of a handrail as well as base rail connected by metal or wooden spindles (also known as balusters), will help the gloom by blocking valuable natural light. To use glass panels as the banister infill will immediately enhance the space by motivating light to flow a lot more readily.


It is incredible the way glass is able to create an area feel a lot larger. A transparent balustrade provides very little or maybe no barrier to the eye, raising the feeling of space. This’s specially helpful for staircases situated in a living or maybe dining space, as obvious sections make the framework appear to be much less obtrusive.


Cup is significantly favoured by interior designers at the second, and can match nearly every era of property. It is able to better the appearance and feel of a contemporary home, boosting the contemporary credentials of its and bringing it bang up to date. At the opposite end of the era scale, glass is able to provide a fascinating twist to a period house. A deep cottage with tiny windows and beamed ceilings, for instance, can be brightened up and made a lot more attractive by replacing sound cork balusters with light enhancing glass panels.

Which kind of glass should you select?

quality that is Great glazed panels must be created from toughened safety glass a minimum of 8mm, and ideally 10mm, heavy. Huge solitary sections are going to create the most effect and allow optimum mild flow. These typically have to be made to measure, so be ready to hold out a bit more and spend a little more than for regular sizes. Installation may be complicated, and it is best left to professionals. Little sections are much less showy, but much more flexible and sometimes the best option for uncomfortable layouts. They could additionally be coupled with metal or wooden spindles if desired.

How’s the glass fitted?

Based on the staircase style as well as individual taste, you are able to typically decide whether to fix the panels to the balustrade with metallic clamps (either at the top and bottom or maybe at each side) or perhaps slot them within pre cut grooves of the handrail as well as base rail. It’s sometimes also easy to connect the panels to the handrail just, without making use of a base rail, so that the glass is actually suspended just above the actions. By a visual point of view, suiting the panels immediately to the real wood banisters leads to a cleaner outline, though many people favor the contemporary appearance of shiny metallic clamps, or perhaps brackets. These’re usually present in a chrome or even brushed nickel finish. You are able to additionally make use of stainless steel discs if you are after an especially striking style.

Which handrail?

Hardwood handrails are probably the most common, as well as the most comfy to work with. A low profile (narrow and small) design will generate by far the most streamlined, modern-day impact, whereas a chunkier style could be much more appropriate for phase qualities. Metal handrails go best with cup for a contemporary look, and may be connected using grooves or brackets.

How about some other cup stair components?

Treads as well as risers are actually both available in cup. Treads could be created in an assortment of thicknesses, typically between 20mm as well as 40mm. The glass must be toughened & laminated for added power, as well as add a non slip finish. Glass risers are actually growing in popularity as well. They may be installed to the rear of glazed treads or perhaps, more unusually, to cork ones. This’s certain to develop the wow factor, letting light glow with the actions while trying to keep the basic safety advantages of a closed tread staircase.

Summing up

With regards to producing an airy and light feel in the home of yours, cup stairs are perfect – as well as the panels are available for sale in these kinds of a wide selection of sizes and shapes that there is a high probability of finding something to suit the specific circumstances of yours. Simply continue a cloth available after installation, as fingerprints and smudges can spoil the effect of the stunning brand new staircase of yours.


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