3 Techniques to Try with Tempera Paint

1. What’s it?

Tempera is actually a kind of painting medium which is made up of a coloured pigment blended in with a binder, generally an emulsion of water as well as egg yolk. This particular kind of painting medium is extremely quickly to dry and is extremely long lasting. Tempera painting just refers to paintings done making use of this kind of moderate. Next the artist is going to add a couple of drops of sterilized water to the pigment. The quantity of binder that is needed is dependent on the pigment being utilized.


2. At what time was it used?

You will find references to this kind of painting throughout Latin, Greek as well as old Egyptian literature. Encaustic painting is actually the method of putting in warmed beeswax to coloured pigments.

This means it must be put on to stable surfaces; wood panels had been typically used, for instance. In case it’s put on to a softer surface area, like a fabric, it is going to end up cracking. Tempera paint cannot be used in really heavy layers, therefore it cannot create exactly the same richness of colour which oil paints could. Artists have to operate with tempera paint rather rapidly as once it has been ready, it cannot be kept and needs to be used up.


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