4 Basic Watercolor Techniques for Beginners

1. Transparency

Among the important qualities of watercolour paint is it is transparent. This’s crucial to bear in mind, since it would mean that you are able to see through the levels of paint. Additionally, it would mean that you cannot cover errors up by heading over them – attempt to go over an error and you will still have the ability to see the color you are attempting to cover up. Watercolour paint ‘s transparency provides paintings a kind of ethereal quality, and that is the reason many decide to use it.

In case a level of paint comes out way too light, you are able to always paint another level in addition to it. Get an extra piece of newspaper and do a couple of testing to ensure that the colour which will come out is actually the one you need.

3. Fast drying time

When you are thinking of dealing with paint which dries fast, it is a great idea to do a little bit of pre planning. When you know exactly how you are likely to deal with the painting and also have thought about every little thing you are likely to do you are able to just go forward and finish the painting without the quick drying time impacting the work of yours.

4. Solubility


When you are painting with watercolours, you need to be cautious not to touch some places that you have already completed. The reason behind this’s since watercolour paint stays soluble even once it has dried. In case you have completed a department of a painting and the paintbrush of yours, packed with watercolour color, will come into touch with the dried spot, the color in the dried location will revert back to paint.


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