4 Things To Know About Dusting Cleaning and Protecting Paintings

1. You should not attempt to dust a broken painting

Before going approximately dusting your painting, you must have a good look at it. In case you see some parts of it that are actually damaged in some way, or even in case you can find any parts in which the paint ‘s beginning to raise and / or has come off, do not do anything. It might cost, but this process can help make sure the sustainability of your painting. In case your painting is not damaged in any fashion, then simply you are able to go about dusting it yourself.

Stay away from using stiff bristle brushes or maybe feather dusters since these could rather easily scratch the painted area. You must never dust a painting with something that is moist, or else you run the danger of the color becoming discoloured or perhaps actually falling off the fabric.

3. Tips to dust your painting

Get the brush of yours and go over the painting gradually, gently and lightly. Either work vertically or horizontally. As soon as you have gone over the painting after, go over it once again only to be certain you have got all of the dust off. In case you are dusting the painting’s frame, you must go about it exactly the same way. It is really important you do not apply water or maybe any chemical substances to the frame.

4. How frequently you have to dust your painting

The less something comes into touch with your painting, the greater. Naturally, you’ve to dust your painting sometime, or else a film of dust will build up and have an effect on the manner by which your painting looks. It is much better to dust it just when it actually does need to be dusted.



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