4 Ways On How to Decide What to Paint

1. Find one thing you have never painted before

In case, for instance, all your paintings are actually of summer landscapes, why don’t you use a winter landscape? In case you constantly paint cities, why don’t you paint the countryside for a change? In case you constantly use oils, why don’t you offer watercolours or maybe acrylics a go? Many artists get caught for one thing to paint since they are accustomed to painting the exact same thing again and once again; they discover they cannot do something different with whatever they know already. Think exterior of the box; grow the horizons of yours and explore things that are new. You will quickly discover that there is usually one thing you have never attempted, and so go forward and check it out.

2. Visit someplace you have never been before

Even in case you paint from the imagination of yours and not from life that is real, going someplace different and exploring it is able to provide you with a good deal of ideas that are great about what to paint. Seeing things that are new stimulates the head and also provides the creativity of yours a boost. In order to produce new ideas, you’ve to have brand new input.


3. See what various other artists are actually doing

An easy way of finding one thing to paint is actually looking at works by some other artists. You are able to have a look at artists that generate identical works to yours or even look at artists whose job is totally different; in either case, you are certain to get a couple of suggestions of what to paint. Find a few artists whose works you have never witnessed before and appear their works up – who knows what kind of inspirational works may be patiently waiting for you out there.

As soon as you are done, have a look round as well as paint something different. You would be amazed how many artists do not do that. In any other words, they do not ever look to the mundane and ordinary items that you see every single day. Paint one thing that is right in front of you though you never ever see since it is boring and plain, one thing you see all of the time but simply ignore. Who knows what kinds of ideas you are able to buy from doing this. Learning to value the immediate surroundings of yours by painting them will help you see things that are new to paint in the wider society around you.


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