5 Things You Must Know Before Buying a Used Car

purchasing a second hand automobile isn’t as simple as investing in a brand new automobile. Choosing an automobile which is going to suit your needs is actually a time consuming procedure and calls for a great deal of effort on the part of yours. Provided Below are a number of pointers to enable you to make the process easier and less difficult.

Work out a Budget

It’s usually best to invest a bit less on the automobile and always keep a bit of cash aside in case you have to do some maintenance on the automobile.

Determine the Needs of yours

It’s surely a great idea to challenge yourself what you require from the automobile and how do you intend to use it. So far as the requirements are concerned you are going to need an automobile that will come at your preferred cost, can accommodate the family of yours and is a sleek drive. Moreover , determine whether you will want a hatchback, notchback/sedan or maybe a luxury automobile. When your needs are actually taken care of you determine exactly how you’re planning to put it to use whether it’s gon na be utilized for everyday chores, travelling to office, for road trips as well as weekend getaways and for every one of these.

Now you’ve set the budget of yours and figured out what you want it’s some time to get right down to business. Pick up automobile magazines, check out internet car sites actually refer to family and friends to zero in on your preferred set of wheels.

You’ll also have to research on the various avenues from the place you are able to purchase the car of yours. Whether you wish to deal with pre owned automobile showrooms or maybe automobile sellers that offer both new and used automobiles or maybe you need to purchase it straight from the owner. When you intend to purchase it immediately from a private owner then find out the reason they wish to promote the automobile, whether or perhaps not it’s been in any crash and just how it’s been used.

Nevertheless, it’s usually better to purchase an automobile from an authorized dealer rather than purchasing it from the owner straight since an automobile from the dealer would have been methodically inspected.

When you’ve noticed the automobile which fits the needs of yours and also works in your financial budget book a test drive. Be sure the motor starts easily and the steering wheel isn’t vibrating. Determine if the speedometer as well as mileage recorder are actually operating right.

Documents/Things to Check

As soon as you’re happy with the automobile and also have got the automobile examined and inspected you have to do the ultimate and the most crucial thing: examine the car ‘s registration documents. You are going to require these files to transport the automobile to the name of yours. Here’s a summary of the elements that you have to check out before making the last payment:

Smart card or rc Book : Consult the RTO for more authentication.

Purchase Invoice: From showroom / final owner (in unique and a duplicate copy)


It guarantees that the finance company does not have any claim on the automobile.

Tax receipt and Octroi certificate

Owner ‘s manual

Car Keys: 2 sets of the same keys


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