5 Top Tattoo Tips For Winning Tattoo Design Contests


The acceptance of tattoos is increasing every single day. The business has seen a wide range of progress in the selection of designers, the ones and tattoo artists that love to have their skins inked.

You will find gorgeous complex designs, large measurement dragons, flowers that are bright, hummingbirds, and perhaps phrases and words in languages that are different. One of the primary factors that such brilliantly innovative tattoo designs and artists show up is actually the acceptance of internet tattoo design contests.

In case you’re a designer, these competitions are actually a good platform for one to showcase the talent of yours to the entire world and earn money that is good along with that. The post below discussed the top 5 suggestions for raising the chances of yours of winning tattoo design competitions.

1. Originality – The tattoo design has to be unique and not copyrighted by another person. In case they’re duplicate and not authentic art work, they’re disqualified immediately.

2. Size – You will find various tattoos sizes depending on the layout and the body part just where it must be inked. While you might talk about the size with the prospect before beginning to focus on it, the suggested sizes are:

Large – These’re sizes which are in excess of 6 in and less than 10 in.

Medium – This size ranges from 3 inches to 6 inches.

Tiny – The scale of the tattoo within this range is within 3 inches.

3. Location – Size along with the intricacy of design depends tremendously upon the place of the tattoo. Proactively consult the client about the place as well as allow them to know that several designs look much better on specific locations than others.





Stomach — covers a portion or the stomach of the belly.

Head – covers a portion or the head of the mind.

Overall body – covers the whole body.

Floral patterns are affected by flowers and plants.

Animal patterns are affected by different animals around the globe.

Oriental styles are actually affected by Chinese, Japanese along with other Asian nations.

Dragons and mythological styles are affected by mythological characters.

Horror styles are affected by monsters or perhaps other terrifying characters.

Standard and fundamental uncomplicated styles are also really popular.

Contemporary styles are affected by graffiti or even new artistic styles.

5. Color – You will find 2 elements to this. One is the various groups of colors since certain tattoos have different attributes when it comes to the color scheme of theirs. The other part is the blend, selection of styles in addition to the intensity of theirs. Some suggestions for color classes are:

Amazing, colors that are vibrant

Paler, flat, much more pastel colors

White and black only



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