6 Valid Reasons Why You Should Buy Paintings Directly From Artists

When you enhance the walls in the home of yours, there are actually a few facts, which support you must purchase paintings immediately from an artist, rather than shopping for reproductions in physical shops or online shops.

You receive an original, distinctive painting that no one better has
The painting is meticulously produced, done to probably the smallest detail
You receive a quality item, made of good materials
You find the most bang for the buck of yours – no commission to online or even physical galleries

You receive a much better service, the artist is going to answer some questions you have

And you are able to make use of the artwork to develop the decor in the home of yours with the own special touch of yours, with no fear that the family of yours, neighbors or friends already have exactly the same painting or perhaps can mimic the decor of yours.


If we take a look at the characterization of the term “original”, The Danish Dictionary states it’s an “object or maybe phenomenon that’s the foundation for a copy.”

Bear in mind that a lot of internet and physical retailers that promote with “original” paintings, in fact sell reproductions in which the artistic value is virtually non existent.

Copies are generally made at art form factories in China along with other Eastern countries. The employees there does not usually have the very best working conditions.

There’s also a few of Danish mass creating art factories, which use Danish artists that create copies under pseudonyms.

It might be hard to notice whether it is a fictitious or real artist and in case it is an original painting or maybe a copy – allow me to share a handful of suggestions you are able to work with, things which suggest it’s a genuine artist:

Does the artist’s contact info seem, is he having the own website of his, does the hunt show earlier exhibitions?

In case there’s an artist profile on the store ‘s site, and it shows a biography and a photo of the artist.

Things that suggest it’s an initial special painting: In case there’s a genuine artist behind and not just a pseudonym.
In case the painting is actually signed with the complete name, year and title on the rear of the fabric.


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