7 Creative Ideas for Mixed Media Art


You are able to use any kind of combination of these suggestions or even set the own twist of yours on them.

1. Watercolor. A transparent watercolor outcome may be accomplished by blending the color with water before using it to the surface of yours.

2. Fabric cut outs. Choose a bit of fabric which has easy shapes or maybe motifs. “Paint” around the tips with a blend of white glue and drinking water to prevent fraying. You are able to make use of this to enhance greeting cards, wall art form, art log pages etc.

3. Aluminum foil history, crinkly outcome.

4. Aluminum foil, dimensional style. One other way foil may be utilized in your art is actually by drawing a basic look on cardboard and moving over the design with a series of tacky glue or hot glue.

5. Quilling shapes as well as designs. You are able to create gorgeous dimensional art with strips of papers which are actually rolled, formed, and glued together.

Have a walk outdoors and pick up twigs, weed growth, bark, small stones to work with in the art of yours. Be sure to check out for spiders or bugs before bringing into the house of yours.

7. Paper doilies. They may be painted, folded, as well as utilized to create art.



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