7 Things to Avoid If You Want to Win Tattoo Design Contests

Nowadays, a vast majority of tattoo enthusiasts are actually organizing tattoo design competitions to receive the absolute best interpretation of the creative ideas of theirs from the professionals in the business. Such online tattoo competitive events are extremely good in offering interesting and different perspectives as well as interpretations to your customized tattoo designs. Nevertheless, there are actually occasions when actually the greatest tattoo artists might not have the ability to complement his/her client ‘s expectations. Below are actually the 7 items to stay away from in case you’d love to succeed in a tattoo design competition.

One) Researching on the individual that developed the competition: Knowing the competition creator personally is going to benefit the tattoo designer. Understanding the creator ‘s individual preferences, what he wants and does not love will restrict the tattoo designer ‘s imagination on a task.

Rather than getting a following, tattoo artists that take part in smear promotions lose opportunities.

For all that you know, the contest originator may simply hate that popular person.

Four) Trying way too difficult to satisfy: Now, in case this was a truth talent show, aiming to satisfy would have earned you extra points. But within the tattoo business, aiming to satisfy the contest creator will just result in you creating really impersonal tattoo creations.


After getting the prize of yours, keep the end of yours of the bargain by providing the design of yours in its stenciled type. Upon handing over the design of yours, never ask for additional payment. It speaks volumes about the honesty of yours and work attitude.

In case you have had a streak of wins, do not get the hopes of yours up believing that you will be a continuous winner. In case you congratulate yourself that a lot, you will lose grip of the reality that there is a chance that you’ll also lose. In case you ever lose, do not take it out on the inventor of the contest.

It simply serves as a tool in which you are able to upload designs or perhaps be notified in cases every time a competition comes up. It’s no connection with the competition ‘s final outcome.


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