A Brief History of Photography and the Camera

Do you like photography? Have you ever thought about just how it all began?

Here is a short history.

The Camera Obscura is actually a package equipped with a Len in what when faced in the precise picture, it will estimate a bad picture on a slice of paper consequently artist would trace the picture on a canvas/paper. Artist as Leonardo DaVinci uses this technique for perspective drawing.

This was just the beginning.


It was much more well known since it’s focused to consumer masses.

Though,’ The Daguerro Type’ method had ruled the photography community for a rather long time though this method is actually a tiresome one. This procedure still needs a dark space to process pictures and it will take longer exposure some time to get the proper photo taken which means you will have to get a dark space along and stand actually still for some time. If this became an issue, head holders have been developed to hold an individual’s head and that is one of the primary reasons why you do not see folks smiling in the old pictures as it’s since nobody can hold a constant grin for that very long.

The procedure will allow open negative to be stored as well as created later in a far more convenience location and during that point, he sold dry plates and found that he can keep all negative inside a clear plastic roll movies which could fit into any hand-held cameras. These film rolls continue to be used today.


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