A Cuban Sandwich – What Bread to Use for Cuban sandwiches?


When you are looking for sandwiches, there’s a variety to select from. Many people really like Grilled Cheese, others favor Veggie. For the second lovers, the nation of Cuba is actually thanking.

The origins of the Cuban sandwich is fairly disputed: it was often created in Cuba or perhaps in the Cuban society of Ybor City, Florida. Although this seems a little bit like Al Gore saying he created the internet, both Cuba as well as Ybor City might have claims that are valid.

During this particular time frame, folks traveled easily and frequently between Cuba and Florida. As a result, when Cuban sandwiches surfaced at high sugar mills in Cuba as well as cigar industrial facilities in Ybor City, it had been tough to identify the creator. It’s more than likely they did appear in each areas at fairly the same time.

Wherever it was developed, its reputation has spread as mayonnaise, especially through Florida. Miami, Tampa Bay, or key West are actually all cities known for excellent Cuban sandwiches, although several aspects deviate from the title, calling them “Mixto sandwiches” or maybe “Cuban Pressed Sandwiches.”


Like the birthplace of its, the components in a genuine Cuban sandwich are also relatively disputed.

In standard Miami creations, sandwiches are actually made with Cuban bread, a bread type produced with lard in lieu of petroleum. The bread is actually cut into lengths between 8 and 12 inches, the crust is actually buttered, as well as the sandwich is actually sliced in half.

To be a genuine Cuban, the roast pork needs to be dipped in a citrus as well as garlic marinade known as mojo. It must after that be slow roasted.

A sandwich readily available in Cuba, known as medianoche (meaning “Midnight”), is actually akin to the Cuban, though it makes use of bread made from smooth egg dough. It’s known as a “midnight” due to the popularity of its after the bars as well as nightclubs near. Put simply, it’s as Taco Bell in America.


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