A London City Guide: Business Traveller Flying to London?


London. It has one of the world’s most favored destinations for tourists, and also for internet business travellers also. The quantity of commerce which goes through London is actually unbelievable, with a fiscal centre second just to New York, and assistance industries which cater for both the UK, International and european markets.

Primarily served by 5 airports – Heathrow, Gatwick, City, Luton and Stansted – London is readily reached from someplace in the planet. Probably the most common, Heathrow, is actually situated to the west of London; Gatwick is actually situated to the south; Stansted to the north east; as well as Luton to the North West. Realizing this before you make the travel plans of yours might be helpful. Since the better metropolitan area of London covers more than 1,000 square kilometers, your ultimate business destination might not be directly in the centre.

Some other factors, like your chosen period of traveling, availability and budget may also make a positive change. And in case you are travelling from a significant European city, in particular a financial capital, for example Frankfurt, London City Airport is actually a probable arrival thing (the airport terminal was developed especially to cater for brief haul company travellers, especially between fiscal centres).

Each airport is actually served by extensive rail as well as road infrastructure, offering business travellers with an assortment of choices to enter London. All 5 airports provide direct rail travel into the center of Central London, mentor travel to the primary Victoria terminus, as well as hire automobile, mini bus, qualified black colored cab and taxi services by highway.

London Heathrow Airport

Probably The busiest of the 5 airports is actually London Heathrow. If your flight comes at possibly terminal four or perhaps five it is a further 4 and 6 minutes traveling time respectively, and you will have to transmit on to the primary London bound service at terminals one, two and three.

The service is actually great, offering convenience and comfort, but doesn’t constantly suite everyone’s travel budget. The encounter is actually comparable to that of air travel.


You will find 2 additional rail choices available to company travellers, each a great deal less costly, although this’s mirrored in the quality of program. That is not to say either isn’t a great alternative for business travellers, simply that there’s a visible difference in comfort and convenience.

With a service generally running every 30 minutes, and a trip duration – based on the time of day time – of between twenty three and twenty seven minutes from terminals one, two and three, Heathrow Connect is actually much more than enough for business travellers that aren’t in a hurry. The’ inconvenience’ of this less immediate journey is actually compensated for by a substantially less costly ticket price.

The 3rd – and most affordable – rail choice is actually the London Underground’ tube’ community. Despite the network ‘s brand the vast majority of the trip from Heathrow is actually overground, until the company traveller nears Central London.

Simple. At almost half the price tag of the Heathrow Connect, as well as at much over a quarter of the cost of the Heathrow Express, this system is comparably great value for cash. Additional worth is found if the company traveller buys an’ Oyster Card’, the’ cashless’ electrical ticketing technique beloved by a lot of Londoners.


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