A Sample Paintless Dent Repair Business Plan Template

PDR Technician Earnings – Fiction or Fact?

The paintless dent removal sector has been around for the past thirty years in Australia and very few understand about its existence! I’d estimate that hardly any – perhaps one or perhaps two per dollar of Australians have read of this specific business. The business has progressed technologically!

So when promises that there are actually individuals that train for up to a season or perhaps 2 and start generating money that is such within five years, the impulse is usually hostile and swift. I’m frequently met with blank appearance – buddies politely nod as well as smile knowing that I typically do not tell lies. Alas few in case any recognize the claims.


After all exactly how can such an industry can be found for a lot of years but not appear to show up in the media? Just how can individuals not know about this by term of mouth! The paintless dent removal business has been quite secretive for years and intentionally so! Precisely why would anyone want others to find out what you’re generating let alone how!

It might shock you that really the media has claimed on this specific business. After the debatable statements of poor practice by

Check out The Age information newspaper. In fact it was this particular media hype which consequently place the paintless dent removal market into the limelight!

“… It’s almost all pocketed, without insurance costs to go over, without place of work premiums, without tax paid, without responsibility.”
Whatever the write set out to accomplish eventually underestimated the public reaction.

Let us keep in mind the investment into training and also the many years to be there! At this point however, the price of instruction PDR experts have come down substantially to as small as 1dolar1 2900 for a five day PDR Course. Will it get some lower? For the moment actually being, any less than this and PDR technicians might as well just repair an automobile rather than train others – they are able to generate much more!

Dented small european car side rear wing

Paintless Dent Removal Earnings may be sizable Dwelling into what paintless dent treatment is actually and the earnings of theirs – simply put, it’s the art form of removing dents without the necessity of painting the car. The principle is that trying to keep the first factory paint work is crucial. PDR technicians finish an average hail damaged automobile within one day. Ok just how could a PDR Technician sure 250K per year?


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