A Tale of Two Cities & Their Great Pizza Battle

Chicago is actually renowned for a great deal of items, but to food enthusiasts, it’s a completely different meaning. At the second it’s several of probably the finest cuisine in many of America and is actually considered the contemporary mecca of American meal. Though this community reinventing food, it’s one dish that is long been argued amongst common folk and food critics alike: The Pizza.

While standard Italian pizzas has a really unique style as well as taste, the American designs are quite unique and usually criticized by true azure Italians. The Italian version is about simplicity of both flavor as well as method.

Its really similar to the first Italian one with an extremely minimal toppings and thin base. The dough is the actual secret here and should have the ideal balance of chewiness and crispness.


Among the truly unique takes on the Pizza began in Chicago however at a small restaurant known as Pizzeria Uno in 1943.

Additionally, it has a number of toppings – generally a great deal of the base and different ones truly functions as a “dish” to carry all of the sauces as well as toppings together.


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