A Woman’s Guide to Buying a Good, Cheap Used Car


Having been married to an automobile dealer for numerous years as well as worked a great deal in the motor vehicle industry myself, I can provide you a couple of tips you will come across very beneficial in case you wish to purchase a low cost used automobile which might provide you with good value for the money of yours.

Do not go for a flashy model

Just how many miles? Think of a number & triple it

Much as it is illegal and everything there cannot be a used automobile dealer in the planet that has not given automobiles a “haircut:” trade jargon which means that the mileage readout continues to be wound backwards. You are a lot more apt to evaluate a car ‘s grow old by evaluating a blend of factors. (See below)

That can show you much more about the era of the automobile than the exterior which might have been resprayed (see below).

In case they are as used as the interior is that is Ok, but in case they seem really new that means they’ve been changed. The pedals, state of inside and mileage must all agree with one another – in case they do not, be warned.

Be instructed by commonsense. Far too brilliant and brand new looking and it is more likely to have been resprayed, and that is not always a bad thing in case it’s been done properly. You might also see proof once you look inside the motor (motor) bay.

Bodywork – paint work here or perhaps there

The odd board that is somewhat different should not be a worry since in case it’s been hit, one board indicates a small collision. Over one panel, although, and you must think twice: shoe (trunk)/hatch and both back quarters recommend a hard rear end influence, and bonnet (hood) and both forward quarters, front side panel etc. recommend a front ender. See motor (motor), below. Another reason behind partial respray is the fact that the panel/panels concerned were negatively rusted – stay away from. Rust comes back once again quickly.

Bodywork – filler


If the color work looks as it is suffering from small cellulite it might be that damage and also rust have been “pugged up” (slapped over with material that is a bit like the products you make use of before painting the walls) of yours and painted over. What this means is that, since the metallic underneath is actually damaged, moisture is able to creep into the cracks as well as rot the board underneath the filler. You will find 2 ways to check out for filler: one) tap within the panel with the knuckle of yours or maybe blunt portion of jewellery. The noise is going to be different on the loaded areas. two) Take a small magnet with one to see the automobile. It is going to stick to metallic but not to filler.

Bodywork – spaces, creases as well as wobbly bits

So laugh. Have a slow hike around the automobile. Stand at one conclusion and browse along the top towards the front side. Is it possible to see slight creases or any dents? In case you are able to, it could suggest the automobile has been in a tough collision as well as the structural integrity might have been compromised. Next, look at the spaces between panels – e.g. both side of the bonnet (hood). In case not, it indicates the bonnet (hood) has been eliminated. Why? For painting, or even due to an accident? Similarly check out the gaps both side of the shoe (trunk) or even tailgate. If they’re unequal that indicates a not-too-good repair. They will decrease eventually and it might cost you quite a lot to address them.

Drive behind it in case you can

Be certain you or perhaps your passenger has a square perspective of the used automobile. In case it looks as it is going along crookedly or perhaps in crab manner, do not touch it – the chassis of its might be twisted after a terrible collision which might also be dangerous, do not mind using tyres down at the acceleration of light. Additionally, while you are driving a car behind the automobile you will see in case it’s burning up oil (blue smoke, suggesting used engine/motor) or perhaps overheating (white steam) hinting more mechanical issues.

Engine (motor) bay

In case it is really small and/or filthy it suggests neglect. Engines (motors) that are actually run on lower and/or dirty oil do not last very long.

This depends.

Check it is not on lease or finance

In case you purchase an automobile in these instances you can end up minus the automobile without any comeback on the dealer.


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