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Regardless of how many times you move house, something new could continually crop up in the progression.


But wanting to promote a home is able to leave you experiencing in limbo; it’s a lot a waiting game.


Chris: The family of mine and I’ve lived there for 2 years; that is me, the wife of mine, Ruth, and the two-year-old daughter of ours, Willow.

Admiral: Why have you been looking to move?


Chris: While we like the home and already have a lot of happy memories there, we are looking to get a larger, more recent start so we are able to ultimately have another kid.

Admiral: Do you understand exactly where you wish to move next?



Chris: We have noticed the home we want; it is thrilling since it is a new build so we have picked it all the blueprint – it is still a spot of land at the second. It is a 3 bedroom semi detached home, while the current home of ours is a 3 bed, end terrace. We are looking to purchase through the Help to Buy pattern in Wales.

Admiral: Just how long has your home been up for purchase?

Chris: Our home has just been on the market a few weeks. It is up with 2 distinct estate agents and we have had 2 viewings that far. It is tough waiting for a customer to come along as there is just one plot remaining on the development we wish to move to, but when you are promoting a home you simply need to be patient.


 We painted 3 of the areas to freshen them up so we are presently sanding down doors.

Chris: The entire family is actually encouraged to move though we cannot get the hopes of ours up only in case it requires some time to sell. We understand folks that are attempting to promote in areas that are similar and their home has been up for more than eighteen months, therefore you simply do not understand how long it can take.


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