African Mud Cloth: A Fabric Fit For Kings

Exactly where do I begin? The passionate love of mine of mud cloth has created without my realising it.

There’s a thing about home craft which goes deep into nearly all of us with the want to have your hands dirty blending mud for clay or dyes for pottery or perhaps weaving yarns. The hands on early ways provide the maximum amount of fulfilment while being therapeutic too.

It hasn’t changed a lot since then no matter the push for much more contemporary methods as well as volume manufacturing of these days.

The unique way of weaving mud cloth is actually the opportunity of the Mali males that are well competent and quick with the hands of theirs. It’s everything in the managing of the yarn along with a regular tension to make a healthy portion of cloth.

This creates one big piece of cloth to be utilized for rugs. or clothing.

The cloth is then washed in water that is hot and so as to reduce in size it before dying.


The mud assimilates into the cloth before drying out.
The greater number of coats of dye implemented the deeper the colour will end up.



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