Amazon Product Photography :Guide With Guidelines

Want to obtain more clicks & conversion rates on your Amazon listings? Update the product photos of yours with these suggestions.

Main Image

The primary image is the very first thing clients see. Because it seems as the thumbnail picture when a shopper queries for an item, this particular photo will decide whether the consumer actually clicks on your listing. It is crucial it stands up to the tournament!

Amazon has rigid standards for the primary picture. Here is a fast summary:

– Should be edited to have a clean white experience (RGB 255, 255, 255).

– No extra text, graphics, and inset images.

All those rules could be difficult to keep monitor of, though it is important to do it.

Be sure the lighting is actually natural looking and that the item appears correct to color in the picture. Check with the competition of yours, in case possible. Imitate the pictures that look and do the very best on Amazon. Also, pretend you’re the client. Which listings make you wish to click? Just how can you arrange the item to really make it look its best?

Supporting Images


The supporting pictures count, also! I recommend adding five to eight photographs which showcase the item in ways that are different. Allow me to share some suggestions for getting the best out of your supporting images:

In case it takes ice – find snow! Does it go on an automobile? Head out to the storage area. Among the easiest items to do is just ask somebody to hold it while you are taking a photo. Hands are a good way to show scale.

Additionally, it was difficult to determine how the brace match onto a hand.

You are able to use arrows and text to point out the characteristics as well as advantages of the item and show its precise dimensions. You are able to also increase badges (such as “BPA Free” or “Quality Guaranteed”) which i highly recommend doing.

Get some Close-ups-This is particularly crucial in case the product is loaded with lots of detail or maybe an intriguing area finish. Feel, quality, and magnificent substances throughout the profit from fresh, clear, close ups!


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