Aston Martin DB3S Sports Racing Car

from Classic to Modern


The last evolution of the DB2 sports automobile, which was created in 1950, got the type of the DB2/4 Mark three, generation of that ended in 1959.


The very first 5 racers had been allocated as works automobiles, whilst the remaining 5 were sold into the open store.

In 1952, functions DB3’s, equipped with the 2.6 litre motor, finished 2nd to quarter at Silverstone against competition that is stiff from Ferrari as well as Jaguar’s C Type.

In total, the DB3 sports automobile was unsuccessful on the track because, in nearly all cases, it was pressured to retire for a variety of factors.


A little selection of DB3’s were additionally created as a coupe version.

The Aston Martin DB3S


Nevertheless, released in 1953, the 2 seater DB3S sports automobile was the little variant of the DB3, equipped with a shorter wheelbase as well as lighter chassis.

Alas, it tended to be much less steady at speed that is high, resulting from extra lift.

In 1954, the two is effective coupes had been equipped with 225 bhp engines, that were then modified, by the inclusion of a supercharger, to create an extra fifteen bhp.


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