Beat diseases: 5 Ways To Avoid GMO Foods – Help Reverse Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Cancer


There’s a growing body of scientific investigation which attests that the #1 reason behind this particular ailment epidemic is the way our diets have modified. Very simply, food is actually killing us!

Modern food is quite different than what people ate merely hundred years before. A lot of our foods today is industrially grown, chemically modified, as well as includes synthetic ingredients. The addition of GMO foods in the food supply of ours in point is among the reasons we have seen an even larger surge in illness over the previous 20 30 years. We’re certainly headed down a risky path with the food supply of ours.

There’s a growing movement to inform folks about this particular issue. I’m actually part of that motion as I firmly believe that changing the diet of yours is able to not just stop illness though it can reverse it! I’ve reversed my type two diabetes along with other ailments by changing the manner in which I eat so I’ve quite private and intimate information of how much changing the diet of yours is able to boost the health of yours. I have also analyzed this subject in depth.

In case you currently have these diseases (or maybe other illnesses), you are able to reverse the effects by consuming the proper foods and staying away from the bad foods. In the event that you would like to stop and/or reverse disease, you need to give some thought to GMO foods adversary #1.

Numerous individuals are actually eating a good deal of GMO food whenever they do not even recognize it. It has got to change. Individuals have to find out what they’re consuming and just how damaging it could be so they could take control of their personal health! With this post, I wish to talk about with you seven tips for staying away from GMO foods altogether.

1. Buy Organic!

This’s most likely the most crucial tip I could provide you to stay away from GMO foods. Should you purchase certified organic items, you could be certain that the item doesn’t have GMO foods. This’s because the USDA doesn’t let a product to be tagged as organic and offered as organic in case it has GMO foods. Be cautious though not to confused the term “organic” on the label along with other phrases as “natural.” Foods labeled as “natural” really often DO consist of GMO foods. For instance, “natural corn chips” are typically created with GMO corn. This’s because the USDA offers no special significance to the term “natural” as well as therefore food companies have absolutely no obligation to not incorporate GMO ingredients. In reality, GMO ingredients means much more benefit for them.

2. Stay away from Certain Conventionally Grown Fruits and vegetables

A number of folks purchase conventionally grown vegetables not since they do not like organic but since they think natural is way too costly or perhaps since the organic version isn’t available where they go shopping. In case you fall into this particular group, you need to be made conscious that there are actually certain common veggies which are actually GMO nearly all of the moment and you might wish to stay away from at least these particular ones. Common GMO vegetables include beets, papaya, soy beans, yellow squash, and corn . I refuse to feel corn unless it’s marked natural or maybe I understand the hometown farmer/gardener that grows it. It’s almost constantly GMO if not marked organic.


Sadly, in the really near future, the bunch of fresh GMO greens and GMO fruits on the market will improve significantly. For instance, GMO grain and GMO peppers are actually coming very soon. Thus, it is going to have much more difficult to stay away from Fruits and gmo vegetables unless you purchase organic.

3. It’s among the most damaging ingredients you are able to place into the body of yours. Should you purchase processed food, you’ll want to check out the element label intelligently and search for high fructose corn syrup.

Thus, you have to be cautious really and here understand the product of yours in case you wish to stay away from GMO. The rule of mine of thumb is actually a) purchase natural and in case I cannot then b) do not buy something with corn syrup mentioned as an ingredient unless it exclusively states non GMO.

4. Stay away from These four Oils Because they Likely Made from Genetically Modified Plants

This has frozen ingredients, canned items, baked products, deli counter superfoods, etcetera. Read the food labels of yours and search for these unsafe GMO oils. The foods business utilizes them since they are able to make money, it stretches shelf life, and also in a number of cases it changes the consistency or maybe moisture (cookies and crackers for example).

5. Nearly all individuals think of the bulk foods isle as “healthy food.” Nevertheless, this’s not always the case and plenty of GMO ingredients are actually lurking in those majority food has. For instance, granola purchased in the bulk section often is made up of GMO canola oil. I have also found GMO soy included to granola. Dried papaya is normally GMO. Bulgar wheat is usually cracked in GMO cottonseed engine oil. Nuts usually contain gmo oils.

Thus, in case you do not see it, consult the director to locate it for you. Never purchase bulk food without reading through the ingredient label initially.

6. Do not Eat Processed Foods

But… far more than seventy {2d2f44a84581e7faccb3258644ff0ea0b6a9621a7db020bd2ff986e7f0634d92} of processed foods consist of GMO ingredients. This percentage will be much greater in case we excluded the refined food labeled as organic.

Processed foods usually come with an element label but foods that are gmo aren’t marked in the US. California is now attempting to pass a law which makes it mandatory because the USDA has not stepped up and needed it of all the GMO foods in the United States. I really wish the US becomes GMO labeling soon enough!

7. Do not Eat Food that is Fast and Look out for That Deli Counter!

This was of course precisely the opposite from what the brains of ours in fact needed because nearly all fast food has GMO ingredients.

Nearly all food stores now have considerable deli counters exactly where they serve piping hot completely ready to consume foods. Oh so appealing! I suggest you grab it, bring it home, and devour it! What could be a lot more convenient? But don’t forget, you are paying for it with the health of yours. The food at deli counters typically contains GMO ingredients. Therefore, make the most of this particular law and try to read the label.


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