Beginner’s Guide to Selling Cars at Auction


automobile auctions, whether they be on-line or physical, can be a great way of marketing the car of yours, protected in the knowledge that a seasoned auctioneer has yours, as well as the auction house ‘s, greatest interest at heart.

So, let us begin with the basics:

What’s an automobile auction?

Car auctions enjoy an extended history within the motor vehicle market with a number of different business types using them to often market extra inventory or even buy new inventory for resale.

They’re incredibly well known in the Usa as well as Japan and are actually gaining recognition in the Uk exactly where they’re no longer seen as unclean places. This’s primarily because of the business making a serious attempt to alter the standing of the industry and make it much more attractive to other individuals, not simply those’ in the trade’.


Auction houses don’t wear the automobiles which they sell. They just act as a store front for a number of different kinds of seller.

Let us look at every one of these various sellers more closely:

Leasing Companies

When rental period or the lease ends, leasing companies are going to enter the old stock of theirs into auction as their clients are definitely more keen on leasing new vehicles. These companies usually are owned by financial institutions or banks.

Fleet Management Companies

These’re akin to Leasing businesses in they lease the stock of theirs to organisations but differ in they are going to supply the customers of theirs with a complete fleet of automobiles and control that fleet on behalf of the client of theirs.

Dealer Groups

If you’ve previously part exchanged the old car of yours at one of the big, glass fronted showrooms or dealers, chances are it’s consequently been set into auction and offered.

Financial institutions and banks

Financial institutions and banks are able to succumb to fleet and leasing businesses as a lot of them have these components within their respective company families and stick to the same trends. Nevertheless, banks may also enter automobiles into auctions which have been repossessed from the customers of theirs after defaults on loan or maybe mortgage repayments. Clearly an automobile itself is actually of little or maybe no interest to a bank, they’re just interested in the money and the value which could be made from it.


In addition to these lots, almost all police forces will even operate a fleet of unmarked or undercover vehicles and these will have to be continually updated, with the outdated inventory actually being set into auction to raise money for the force.

Private individuals

This’s the group of seller that we’re truly interested in. Private sellers are able to enter and buy automobiles from auction and in case their automobile is not offered very first time round, they are able to see the auction house to continue putting it in until they get an appropriate bid. Be warned however, auction houses are going to charge you for every time they enter the automobile and so in case you’ve offered your automobile after a few of product sales, you might wish to check out the reserve price of yours or perhaps rethink the options of yours.

Just how does it work?

This particular auction type is actually generally known as an’ English Auction as well as its formula is true to the vast majority of automobile auctions.

It is usually essential to consider it when you think about the reserve of yours as trade purchasers will have a good grasp of the vehicles worth and of the harm fees and can factor this and create their bidding. The damage price won’t be proven to any customers, it’s strictly for the auction house ‘s documents.

The car of yours will likewise be photographed and’ lotted’, the procedure by which your automobile is actually entered into a sale.


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