Best And Hottest Shoulder Tattoo Ideas for Men

Shoulders are among the most typical places to acquire a tattoo. Shoulder tattoos could be a little unpleasant as once the tattoo covers the ball as well as joint bones, it becomes a little excruciating because of the bony area. Shoulder tattoos can also be great as stand by itself or perhaps in order to keep on the design to sleeve tattoo designs.

Several of the typical designs which seem exceptionally good on shoulders are actually as follows:



The wings are actually done in red and black and the feathers are actually drawn in a fashion which seems as the side perspective of a red floral. Below the wings a knot style is actually inked in black. It looks really masculine and attractive.

• Polynesian tattoo – Just like the tribal style, this’s also a striking style to ink sales onto the shoulders, chest and arms.

• Basketball theme – Neat design and a slick on the shoulders and arm leading a male playing the favourite type of his ball type.

• Sun with clouds Rather than the normal yellow sunlight with white clouds, try out an early Aztec sun done in yellow and black with white outlined clouds on upper arm and the shoulder.

• Stars – Bright colourful stars appear charming on the shoulder as well as collar bone, but beware might be rather painful as a result of the bony region.



• Skull – Many variants of this particular design, simple or colourful, it appears masculine and wicked.



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