Best Bull Tattoo Designs And Their Meanings

Bulls have usually been connected with masculinity, aggression, unbridled power and strength. Bull tattoos could be inked solely with the bull’s mind with horn, the entire body or even only the skull. Bull tattoos might be simple and plain with a western touch or maybe might actually be inked in Celtic or perhaps Tribal designs. Bull tattoos could be depicted as virile, strong, powerful or perhaps even determined.


The Chinese connect them with perseverance, determination and stability. The early Sumerians thought bull to be guardians and protectors of the individuals. Bulls are also connected with the Zodiac sign Taurus as well as folks belonging in this class are generally “bull headed”.

They are able to have many meaning based on what the wearer wants to symbolize but several of the most typical meanings of bull tattoos are actually harmony, destruction, recklessness, virility/fertility, protector, strength, and aggression too.

Provided below are actually several suggestions as to what kind of bull tattoos you are able to get inked and where you can place them.

A blind black colored bull with steam soaring from its nostrils as well as hoof stomping the soil with various other cows in the background carried out on the buttocks as well as the lower back.
A brown body with crescent shaped red eyes and horns howling in rage carried out on the top arm.
A black one completely ready to leap accomplished on the knees.
A blackish murky bull skull carried out on thigh.
A brown bull prepared to demand accomplished on the torso.
A recharging bronze bull in mid leap carried out on the back.


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