Best Koi Food 2018: Which Koi Food Brand Is The Best Choice For Your Fish?


Among the questions we receive most frequently from Koi keepers is actually “which Koi foods is actually the best?” In the beginning glance, the solution to this issue is actually a really easy one. It depends. Though the true solution to this particular question involves asking an extremely different issue of the pond proprietor. What exactly are your goals? You will find as a variety of kinds of individuals involved in the Koi holding hobby as there are actually varieties as well as quality levels when you are looking at Koi fish themselves.

Although some hobbyists dedicate a good deal of their money and time to increasing championship quality nishikigoi, the Japanese phrase for Koi fish, to participate in Koi shows all over the Usa and abroad, displaying Koi is not for everybody. And figuring out which Koi food is actually the best option for both you and your Koi calls for one to initially determine what kind of hobbyist you aspire to be.

The phrase “cull” refers to reduced quality Koi fish that are commonly disposed of or perhaps sold inexpensively by Koi breeders to offer optimum tank room for Koi of better quality which usually command substantially higher prices from collectors when grown on for a season or perhaps 2.

In reality, Koi are actually scavengers in the outdoors and can endure all right by eating algae along with other waste found naturally in the pond of yours or maybe water garden. But there’s a distinction between surviving as well as flourishing, and once you are looking at Koi fish, the quality of foods actually being used is actually significant aspect to total fish health, optimum development, and style conformation.

There are well more than hundred commercially available models of Koi food readily available in the Usa by yourself, with hundreds much more available abroad. Because of so many options offered, many Koi keepers start to challenge themselves whether there’s essentially a difference with regards to business food types on the industry. Specifically, Koi keepers might question whether a “premium” brand is truly well worth the premium price, or even whether a more affordable food offering could offer results that are similar at a much lower price point.

There’s most certainly a difference when it concerns quality. Top Koi breeders will just feed their best fish an excellent foods they think will deliver the very best benefits. During the research of ours and regular communications with virtually dozens of best minds in the Koi group, we’ve found just one established Koi importer that truly believes each fish food brands are actually the same.

Any person who may have at any time had a dog understands there’s a distinction between the premium dog food offered at the specialty pet store of theirs and the inexpensive supermarket brand. Marketing aside, there’s a quality distinction between dog foods. And this very same truth is true to Koi food items too. And so once again, it boils down to the same issue earlier asked: What are the goals of yours as a Koi keeper? Knowing your goals is actually the answer to selecting probably the best Koi food for the specific situation of yours.

Because of so many Koi food makes on the market nowadays, to help you make good sense of the seemingly countless ocean of options we typically classify Koi food items into one of 3 types. These top tiered foods include just the very best quality ingredients and are normally used by hobbyists that improve show quality Koi fish. The next tier includes Koi things we will think about to be quality Koi meals. These Koi food offerings are undoubtedly a notch below premium food items in terminology of components used, but also are inclined to be presented at much more affordable price.


The final and third tier is exactly what we generally refer to as Koi staple meals. Do not allow the point these we classify these food items at the bottom part fool you. Maybe a better phrase to describe staple foods is actually “value foods.” Staple or maybe value foods are merely Koi food manufacturers that are most frequently milled in bulk, that generally remain in a factory for one, 2, or perhaps at times 3 years before they’re finally sold to a list customer.

According to our personal comprehensive assessment and responses obtained from literally thousands of Koi keepers, we will classify the following Koi food as top tier, premium quality meals. These manufacturers are actually suggested for those keen on raising championship quality nishikigoi or even showing Koi in events that are competitive. These food items are actually milled to order in cases that are many, guaranteeing freshness, and possess just the best ingredients to guarantee fish health, colors that are vibrant, and optimum growth.


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