Best Luxury Car Buying Guide


Entry level Luxury Cars

This’s exactly where the luxury automobile experience starts. Vehicles in that range boast very high levels of technology, driveability and comfort.

Chevrolet Cruze:

There is no refuting that it is a stunning looking automobile. Power is now at a large 164 bhp! It’s a great highway cruiser and also the interiors also are striking looking at. Additionally you get a large list of equipments. Back seat room is very bad though.

Volkswagen Jetta:

This beautifully engineered automobile has styling that’s very understated. The cabin is actually hard-to-fault and in case you focus on details you are going to notice that build quality is very easily the very best in class.

Toyota Altis:

Fit and quality and finish are superb. It is also among the most effective automobiles to own if you are chauffer driven. The motor is under driven and it is not the most thrilling automobile to get.

Hyundai Elantra:

You receive a large list of equipments such as cooled front seats, a roomy cabin as well as an extremely competitive price tag. Additionally it is not hard to drive in site visitors and modest on the freeway too.

Renault Fluence:

There’s a small bump in the energy and much cheaper turbo lag. Additionally, a couple of equipments have been included.

Executive Level Luxury Cars

These automobiles usually start from the Rs. twenty lac bracket and appeared with tons of luxurious cabins and features. Ideal for individuals that love to be chauffer driven.

Toyota Camry:
It’s better looking, much better equipped and much more comfortable too. It is dull and expensive slightly to drive though it’s among the most comfortable automobiles of its class.

Honda Accord:

What you will get is an automobile that can feel like a good luxury saloon. It’s rather properly equipped and in the community traffic it motivates brilliantly. Nevertheless, the gentle suspension does make the automobile a little pitchy on the lack and the highway of a diesel motor is an issue.

Skoda Superb:

The main reason the Superb is so attractive is it feels a class greater. The performance is actually amazing and has the tech as well as luxury of much more expensive automobiles. You will find no cheap bits on the automobile which can make a planet of a positive change.

Volkswagen Passat:

The Passat is actually VW’s flagship saloon in India.

Audi A4

It is a lot more spacious compared to its competitors and hence can certainly be utilized as a chauffer driven automobile also. It is not as engaging driving as several of its rivals though.

It provides the very best of all of the worlds it is compact still the most spacious in the class of its, it’s efficient and quick blisteringly as well. It is unbelievably fun to get.

Mercedes C-Class

It is absolutely the automobile that can feel the most premium in the class of its

Volvo S60

Like all Volvos, this particular automobile is as protected as a battle tank and also comes packed with tech. The engines are very effective in the segment and economical. The way it is a little cramped in the back and simply does not have the attractiveness of the German trio.

Audi A6:

The brand new Audi A6 is practically everything luxury automobile buyers in India might ask for. It has a class leading diesel engine which is powerful and extremely refined. Interior meetings could embarrass a luxury collection along with a more comfortable ride.


BMW five series:

The five series is actually BMW’s gentler, more level headed bring on luxury automobiles. The 530d comes packed with power in case you looking to operate the automobile yourself. Just in case it’s mainly chauffer driven 520d is a good option.

Mercedes E-Class

It’s Mercedes best seller and is actually a prefect fusion of old world charm as well as contemporary tech. With the brand new look it’s currently attractive to the younger customers also.

Jaguar XF:

The XF is not the cheapest automobile in its segment though you get your money ‘s really worth. The XF looks as a sports automobile stuck in a saloons frame and also the performance complements the striking style. Overall, it is an accomplished substitute for the German trio.

Volvo S80:

The automobile is actually a little long in the teeth that is apparent from its understated design. In addition, ride and handling is not the best. It scores properly on the back seat comfort has 1 of probably the airiest cabins around.

Limousines Level Luxury Cars
These’re the automobiles you would like to be observed in. They’re quite costly and there’s no better way to make sure the world you’ve arrived than one of those.

Audi A8

This luxury barge comes packed to the teeth with attributes. It’s presently the benchmark in its sector. It’s got reclining seating, a great Olufsen and Bang audio system, cooled as well as heated car seats with a massage performance and also the list goes on.

BMW 7-series:
It’s created the automobile really smooth. The cabin has likewise been worked upon as majority of automobile owners will prefer an equivalent of their luxurious office cabin while on the drive home of theirs.

Mercedes S-Class:

Packed with even more features than you are able to dream of, it’s much more a limo compared to a saloon. It includes a vastly superior cabin as well as levels of comfort just seen in Rolls Bentley or Royce.

Jaguar XJ

Jaguar makes quick and the XJ and beautiful cars is actually a testament to that. It’s a mix of striking layout, crafty engineering and breathtaking performance. It’s incredibly comfy and it is quite well equipped also.


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