Beyond the Plate – The Metaphysics of Food


Do you want to sign up for me on a voyage – a trip which goes “beyond the supper plate?” It is an exploration of meals alchemy. By food alchemy I imply the transformation of meals into power that the body is able to make use of. The thing is, food isn’t just what it appears. In reality, food is extremely secretive and keeps the secrets of its well hidden from view.

Let us start our journey…

Since every thing in the universe vibrates with power it makes sense that food as well contains energy.

The release of power from foods calls for chemical reactions to appear in the tummy and eventually in the body ‘s cells.

Though I wish to concentrate on electricity in the context of our life-force or vitality. We need that power to do the day activities of the body of ours – without it we die! The primary factor to those procedures are enzymes

Basically enzymes are actually catalysts and this means they help create chemical reactions much more effective without really changing themselves. Enzymes are actually involved in every physiological and biological practice in the human body. You will find numerous kinds of enzymes though the only ones of attention for our journey are actually: digestive enzymes and food enzymes.

From our power view we’re interested in digestion as a way to create glucose and/or the supplies to make glucose. But when that has taken place we’re currently not completed because glucose in itself isn’t electricity so we’ve to change it into electricity in order for our entire body to have the ability to use it to keep the vitality of ours.


Okay, let us follow up on what goes on to glucose and just how it becomes converted and kept in the body ‘s cells. The simplest way to do that may be starting at the end as well as work backwards. The body ‘s cells saved energy in packets (really known as molecules though I think packets identifies them better) recognized as ATP (adenosine tri phosphate).

We’ve previously found that one outcome of digestion is the development of glucose or maybe blood sugar. As blood circulates throughout the entire body the cells may take in glucose.

But there is always more that must happen – as I pointed out the glucose has to be converted into usable power. The primary way that’s done is actually through the mitochondria of the cellular. Mitochondria are actually sites on the inside walls of cells wherever chemical reactions are able to take place. They take up oxygen and glucose and make use of them to create ATP in a procedure known as cellular respiration. Right, so we have this ATP goods loaded up and patiently waiting in the body ‘s cellular waiting to spring into motion but just how do we truly release the power so we are able to make use of it?

I hate to point out it again… but there is still much more! In order to release the ATP power we have to break 1 of the substance bonds which hold it together. Picture you’ve a coiled springtime tied up firmly with string.

The outcome is actually crucial since breaking 1 of the bonds is actually what’s necessary to release energy to help you maintain our life force.

Nevertheless, a cell are only able to hold a tiny amount of electrical power and although we’ve large numbers of cells, they have in order to continue producing ATP as well as in order to break it down in order to release its electricity. ATP may additionally be created from different things in the body but that’s not addressed in this case.

It appears a rather long time since I first pointed out enzymes… though I have not forgotten them. Essentially, enzymes aid in the digestion of foods by making the digestion process a lot more efficient. As I said earlier, the 2 kinds of enzymes we have to think about are actually: digestive enzymes and food enzymes (produced largely by the pancreas).

As you may expect food enzymes are actually found in food. Nothing really deep there, though the question to question is exactly why are they there – what can they do? Okay, a warning here we’re intending to enter likely hostile territory. Raw food advocates state that food enzymes help in meals digestion in the tummy. Additionally they claim that the entire body utilizes much less of its digestive enzymes that they likewise feel are actually restricted to a limited supply

Personally, I do not subscribe to those perspectives, but do not permit me stop you. I feel that the main goal of food enzymes relates straight to the specific meal in which they’re found..Basically, the role of theirs in that food is actually facilitating chemical reactions which commence under favourable factors the transformation of the make up as well as nutrient content of that food.

Actually I cannot see why food enzymes should not be believed by digestive enzymes as proteins & treated appropriately.

I believe there might be some misunderstandings in that the effectiveness of the pancreas might become impaired through abuse which could prevent the generation of ample digestive enzymes..

Raw or perhaps cooked?

Another part of debate relates to the distant relative nutritional value as well as enzyme content of raw as opposed to prepared food. Raw food advocates state that cooking eliminates all food enzymes and substantially reduces its nutrient worth.

It’s true that cooking is able to kill enzymes. It’s also true that cooking is able to bring down the nutritive value as calculated, for instance, by mineral content and vitamin. Nevertheless, it’s not really as white and black as raw food supporters claim.

Why? Well the depth of reduction depends a lot on the technique as well as duration of cooking. The technique of cooking establishes the heat to which the food is actually subjected and whether the procedure is actually dry or moist. There’s a marked difference, for instance, between the consequences of steaming as well as baking. The preferred methods of mine of cooking food in order of choice are actually: steaming; poaching; and stir fry.

Charcoal/flame grilling likely introduces extra concerns that relate with the dynamics of the compounds created on the food during those techniques.

I’m not at all sharp on microwave cooking. Perhaps it’s the ignorance of mine though it appears to me to become an unnatural manner to prepare. That’s, heating from the exterior in.

As I say perhaps I stay away from microwave preparing out of ignorance – though I am happy I do!.

Several reports suggest that a decrease of aproximatelly 20 30 {2d2f44a84581e7faccb3258644ff0ea0b6a9621a7db020bd2ff986e7f0634d92} in nutritive content could be anticipated from thorough cooking of produce. But that is still not all of the story…

Making of several vegetables in fact increases nutrient availability – put simply can make the nutrients a lot more readily available in the digestion process. Still more, we have to recognise that the mineral information isn’t substantially impacted by cooking.

My raw as opposed to cooked food balance. As a broad rule I wish for aproximatelly 40 50 {2d2f44a84581e7faccb3258644ff0ea0b6a9621a7db020bd2ff986e7f0634d92} raw and 50 60 {2d2f44a84581e7faccb3258644ff0ea0b6a9621a7db020bd2ff986e7f0634d92} cooked based on the season.


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