Body Art – Hawaiian and Polynesian tattooing

Hawaiian tattoos have gained recognition in the Western world lately.

Because the Hawaiians were brownish in skin tone because of to exposure to the sun, the outcome of a black tattoo were striking.

Adopting the royals had been court officials and then folks that entered the royal household through marriage. Tattoos had been seen as very sacred and thought to protect the individual from evil forces. Some tattoos had been considered so effective they had been believed to have their own particular power.


Generally, the tattoos which were carried out in old Hawaii represented existence on the Hawaiian Islands – wildlife, sun, rocks, waves, turtles, fish, etc. Hawaiian tattoos might be known as tribal in nature with geometric styles. Additionally they represented the gods of theirs in the type of animals. Beloved family members that had passed away or maybe legends may also be commemorated in the type of tattoos.

Mostly males had been tattooed on their legs, arms, face, and chest. Women had been tattooed on their tongues, hands, and wrist. Slaves will have specific face tattoos to signify the place of theirs in society.


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