Buying a New Car: Saving Money Tips to Buy A Car


A new automobile sounds lovely does not it? Nevertheless, we also understand that the brand new design of today is going to be the old superseded type in the not very distant future and that the worth of the automobile will go down quite rapidly.

So with this in brain we truly have to be cautious when considering whether or perhaps not to purchase a brand new automobile.

Before hurrying off to the automobile yard, it is best to get out a big sheet of paper and create up the best “Do I really have to purchase a brand new vehicle?” Then allow the brain cells may take a trip and come up with all the factors that you are able to to justify moving out as well as having a brand new automobile. Underneath this, note down all the good reasons to justify the reason why you should not go out and purchase a brand new automobile.

Below are a few tips to help you started out and several common factors that folks create down:

1. Reasons to purchase a brand new automobile

Car too little / big

Starting a family and want more room
Cannot fit in many of the gear of mine
Cannot transport all of the children and their friends around
It’s only us today so we do not have such a significant automobile
We’re going away so we want more leg room and storage space capacity
No air conditioning
It’s simply as hot every summer we bake in the car of ours
No atmosphere bags
The automobile has never been equipped with air bags
Lacking add-ons (stereo / compact disc player / gps)
We have to use a cd player
A few new vehicles come with an in constructed GPS so we want one too
The stereo is actually broken so we have to change the automobile
Costing a lot of money to run
I’m constantly spending cash on this particular automobile
The automobile always appears to be at the mechanic of mine
Need to look great at work
My automobile is actually a status symbol of the wealth of mine
The boss of mine will look down on me in case I did not operate a brand new automobile
Having a brand new automobile is going to portray a message to the clients of mine that I’m extremely successful
Far too old
My automobile is actually x years of age so it must be replaced


This particular design is old, I want the newer model
Petrol guzzler
I’m constantly adding gas into this particular automobile
I checked the credit card statement of mine and boy my automobile is thirsty
I used to invest 1dolar1 x of gas a week and right now I’m putting in 1dolar1 y
Running way too fast / slow
I cannot keep up with each one else on the road

When the automobile is under a guarantee I will not have to invest some money on it

The auto mechanic claimed the automobile is not road worthy
I do not believe the automobile will pass a street worthy test
Want to match the Jones
My good friend just bought one of these new automobiles so I like one
The neighbours have only bought a new automobile so we must also purchase one
I’ve been offered a great trade in
The brand new automobile sales male has provided me a great trade in
I need to exchange at this point whilst I can get value that is good for my present automobile
I would like a diesel vehicle

I have to have a ute / 4wd / sedan

I have to exchange the ute for a 4wd

2. Reasons not to buy a new car

Cannot pay for it

The repayments are going to be way too high
It’s a great deal of cash for me to invest on an automobile
The mortgage is going to take me seven years+ to pay back
Do not truly need a brand new automobile
I’m being ridiculous, I do not truly need a brand new automobile
There are additional things I need forward of obtaining a brand new automobile
Used automobile is going well
The old car of mine functions just fine
I am able to often buy from a to B so what better do I need
Far too expensive
Although it’s brand new, I think it’s still really expensive

Will decrease in value too quickly
I’ve noticed once you drive a new automobile from the show space they drop considerably in value
2nd hand automobiles look like a much more effective choice, I’ve seen they’re a lot lower in value


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