Buying a Used Car – Tips and Scams to Avoid

Cape Town – Prices of completely new automobiles are actually exorbitant, at minimum for several, but that is not the case for thirty six 794 fortunate South Africans that registered the new cars of theirs in January 2017.

That is a substantial distinction in sales of 11.4 % & pundits say it is not likely to enhance this season.

Purchasing a second hand automobile in SA

Based on WesBank, statistics stated that thirty eight 343 brand new automobiles have been sold in May 2016 when compared to eighty nine 390 used automobiles which evidently shows new vehicles sales do not even come in close proximity to used automobiles.

Used automobiles will also be prone to ease up on the bank balance of yours with a significantly lower insurance premium than a brand new automobile.

On the flip side, there’s that niggling sensation of breaking down in a second hand automobile and at times sellers do not truly help either. Virtually anyone is able to buy an’ OBD2 code’ reader as well as questionable sellers are able to clear codes without fixing some problems.

Rest assured, observing these very simple things are going to help you select your brand new (used) automobile carefully with no someone taking advantage of you.

Step one: Use the head of yours, not the heart of yours

We have all been there and understand how difficult it’s not to fall in like with what appears to be a bargain. Whether it is the dream car of yours as a reminder or a child of the first true love of yours – be sensible and create the correct call. Used-car sellers thrive on infatuated people as they’re very easily convinced and can wind up with a total dud.

When you are looking to get an automobile, the key is searching long and here and wide the web could be very beneficial. Imagine all the options of yours and be very careful purchasing the very first automobile you see.

Step two: Stay away from exotic automobiles


In case you are purchasing a new automobile, you are able to purchase practically anything you would like as the components are actually readily available and the automobile is going to be under warranty. Purchasing an exotic second hand automobile is not very simple primarily because no factory warranty is present and any services or maybe maintenance costs are actually out of the pocket of yours.

A very good example is actually areas for a Toyota Corolla or maybe a VW Golf as opposed to a Renault. This effortlessly escalates if you have an exotic or high-performance automobile.


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