Calling Ecstasy “Cheeseburgers” Doesn’t Make It Legal

Quoted: “I heard of a case recently where a drug dealer’s system to avoid detection of his activities by police was to tell his customers to ask for “cheeseburgers” if they wanted ecstasy, an order for one cheeseburger being code for one ounce (about 28.4 grams) of the drug. The code for cocaine was “drinks”, and “one fries” meant one ounce of methylamphetamine. The dealer joked that buying all three would be a “meal deal.””

Ecstasy is particularly prominent with younger adults in Australia.

The continuing acceptance of ecstasy probably relates to the tablet form of its, making it so easy to save and measure, and possibly also since it’s perceived as risk that is low. Unfortunately, that notion is incorrect. In practical terminology, what this means is that an ecstasy tablet will probably contain hardly any ecstasy, and a great deal of other things which could be severely damaging or perhaps even lethal. These substances might include things like caffeinated drinks at levels that are toxic, ketamine, pseudoephedrine, paramethyoxyamphetamine that is also potentially dangerous, The cough and ghb powder suppressant dextromethorphan. Sometimes a tablet marketed as ecstasy has no ecstasy at all, simply methylamphetamine and additives.

The other major risk for people associated with ecstasy is actually being charged with supply or possession of the drug, that may result in imprisonment.

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