Canon EOS Rebel T6/EOS 1300D review: The T6 isn’t a bad

The Canon Rebel T6, or maybe 1300D as it’s also called, is actually an entry level DSLR camera, created for individuals who would like to create the photography of theirs and possibly move up from small photography or perhaps bridge camera photography.

It is quite nicely done. The style of the camera is easy, therefore it does not overwhelm you with far too many buttons or perhaps distracting options. It is wonderfully put together, and can feel stable in the hand. The switch tends to be made for a right handed photographer.

It’s a an incremental expansion on the DIGIC4 but Canon point out it is aproximatelly sixty % % faster and much more effective which is really good, and also as a processor for this particular camera type it works well. It creates really high quality pictures and it is able to turn them around quickly meaning once you get onto the burst velocity that is actually three frames per second – not the quickest – however when you’re recording Jpgs at three frames per second, you are able to take constantly because the processor is quick enough to flip individuals into format and jpegs them quickly. Which means there is absolutely no lag at all.


There’s a tad getting up to 6400 and a lot more at 12800.

You’ll also perhaps wish it for capturing stills. This’s perfect for folks coming up from small photography since that is just how they recorded before. The display itself is quite good it is actually really good higher resolution and it does stand for what you will see through the lens quite well. The other reason behind the display is it enables you to navigate through the tabs and the menus. It’s not very complex on the menus – it is really very user-friendly.

In terms of Auto completely focus it’s 9 points which is actually OK. There are actually cameras that have increased and why would you’ve much more? The sole places in which you find trouble are actually in extremely small light and also often when you are recording one thing which is actually poor contrast so in case you are shooting something which is actually all of the similar or same colors types. It’ll often have trouble concentrating on that.


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