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automobile importers understand that automobile auctions in Japan are a good spot to look for mileage that is low, quality that is high used automobiles at prices that are good. The aim of mine in this particular report is actually helping you understand these automobile auctions in Japan better to ensure that you are able to create a great, educated choice about whether to purchase from them or perhaps not, and just how the entire operation works.

Why think about buying from Japanese automobile auctions?

This’s a great starting point. All things considered, right now the place you sit looking over this report is possibly many a huge number of long distances away from Japan.

You will find 2 excellent reasons to consider purchasing automobiles from used automobile auctions in Japan.

To begin with, the choice is astounding and you are able to see all these automobiles remotely online.

In terms of specific auction locations, we’re generally speaking about more than 1,000 automobiles per area, and at times more than 10,000 automobiles (in the situation of USS Tokyo) everything in a single spot and being auctioned there weekly.


Therefore there’s an enormous breadth of choice. But that’s not all. There’s also a great level of quality. The point is the fact that Japanese folks simply don’t drive almost as folks in some other places. An outstanding public transportation program and high levels of community walkability, in addition to the basic fact that urban driving rates of speed in Japan are extremely small, all works in concert to keep individuals from using their automobiles a lot.

Then in addition to this the Japanese are actually fastidious in caring for the vehicles of theirs and yet it doesn’t take long before the automobile they’ve seems aged to them as well as they would like a brand new one.

So, automobiles that are actually mileage that is low and well maintained are actually a dime a dozen.

You are able to see exactly where this’s going: The automobile auctions in Japan have a wonderful choice of excellent state, low kilometer automobiles, though the Japanese folks are actually not that interested in purchasing them, therefore costs are comparatively small and there’s all of the more opportunity for customers from external Japan to compete.

Locations and car auction groups in Japan

They’re normally part of a bigger auction group. Below are just several of the more prominent groups:



Rather, they mail out inspectors to automobile dealers who then keep the cars of theirs on the lots of theirs until they’re offered. Since these sellers continue to be wanting to market to a typical customer at list price tag, the reserve price of theirs at auction is normally a bit high in contrast to what a comparable automobile might fetch at a typical auction.

Just how can you use the automobile auctions in Japan?

And so much, so good. You do not know anyone there. You do not speak Japanese. Even in case you can purchase the automobile, how would you deliver it?

You want a Japanese automobile exporter that will help you with this particular one.

There are lots of automobile exporters shipping old automobiles from Japan, therefore that then begs the question of the way you find yourself a very good one. All things considered, we’re not talking about little sums of cash here, therefore it’s essential you find one who’s going to do a great job for you.

Allow me to share several things to look for:

Just how many auctions will you purchase from, and are you able to access all of them from one spot online?
Are you able to cope with a native English speaker who’s also fluent in Japanese? (Nothing is much more stressful than attempting to overcome language barriers.)

Who’ll bid for you at these automobile auctions in Japan?

To be able to purchase from an automobile auction in Japan, the very first thing you need is actually to be a part of that auction.

This typically involves being a registered businesses in Japan in addition to keeping property as collateral and getting a guarantor. This precludes frequent customers accessing these automobile auctions immediately, therefore they are likely to be an area where Japanese automobile dealerships and Japanese automobile exporters purchase at wholesale prices.

Japanese automobile exporters are typically registered Japanese businesses and consequently have a chance to access the automobile auctions in Japan.


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