Car Warning Light Symbols and Indicators

Have you ever checked out the dashboard of yours as well as a light will come on without you understanding what it means? It takes place to several drivers that are not familiar with the various symbols. Here’s a descriptive malfunction of what the symbols are:


There’s a chance that the lubrication as well as oil process is not working properly. The lubrication stops friction and it helps you to cool the car down during use.
The pressure may not be very low though you never know when you’re working with a comprehensive flat on the freeway.

The automobile requires oil like an individual requires water. Oil helps with lubrication and will keep the motor running efficiently without using down various parts.
Traction Control Light – This gentle looks as an automobile which is actually swerving. When this light will come on it indicates that an individual wheel is actually spinning much faster than the various other.


In case the braking system lock, you can wind up in a serious crash.
Electric battery Alert – this warning sign looks as a block with a plus as well as minus indication on every side respectively. The car of yours might be running very low on general power or battery power. The goal of the battery is actually to power all of the electronics of the car of yours like the spark plug ignition.

This light ‘s only purpose is seeing through thick environments like fog. Lots of individuals use it to mean another driver to ensure that they are able to see you in through the heavy fog.
This light means that there’s a problem with the anti skid program and it’s been turned off. This may cause one to skid in traffic and can have an effect on the wheels.


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