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A quick and easy step-by-step guide to changing a tyre


There may be a time in the life of yours in which you are going to have to alter the tyre of the car of yours. Numerous individuals are not able to do the process since they were never taught the way to. Here’s a simplified tutorial on how you can alter the tyre efficiently and safely.

Before you decide to do something you have to ensure you’ve all the essential resources.

Upon realising that you’ve a level tyre you have to acquire very carefully. Do not suddenly brake or even turn as it might harm the wheels of yours. Gradually lower the speed as well as park in an area in which you’re secure and off the street.

When you’ve stopped in a secure location indulge the handbrake to stop the automobile from moving whilst you’re replacing the tyre. It is also essential to engage the handbrake because you want the wheel to be currently.

It will be advisable to place wedges or bricks behind & in front of the tyres which do not have to be transformed so that your automobile is properly fixed in one spot.

The hubcap may be eliminated with the tyre iron by utilizing the flat part. There’s a clip on it which should not be too hard to eliminate.

When putting the jack under the automobile, the greatest place to place it will be as close to the level tyre as you possibly can, along the advantage of the entire body of the automobile. Your automobile has to be 15 centimetres off the soil. You are able to now eliminate the lug nuts.

In order to get rid of the lug nuts, do the wrench with the proper fitment and then turn counter clockwise. At this stage you do not have to totally eliminate the lug nuts.

The dirty portion is currently completed and it is some time to place an air-filled and new tyre onto the car of yours. Place the nuts again on and tighten them almost as you are able to. Tighten them with the wrench as soon as the automobile has been lowered back again onto the soil. Last but not least you are able to put the hubcap returned on the exact same manner you took it all.


Before any of this happens, ensure which a wheel supplier can offer you a wheel that’s akin to what you’ve. Then when you receive a punctured tyre, you are going to have a spare tyre which seems the just like the others.

It is essential to have general information of the car of yours so that in case you come across a problem you are able to correct it or perhaps handle it yourself.

Tyre and a1 Wheel is actually a private family owned as well as operated business specialising in the factory and distribution of tyres and wheels to the motor vehicle fitment trade. The business has a well developed operation in Johannesburg, South Africa.


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Common Mistakes That Can Damage or Destroy Your Transmission

In case you ask the automobile owners just how they rate their driving abilities they’d on an average offer themselves eight out of ten. Having the capability in order to buy automobile is a thing not really uncommon in the modern day era but to keep the automobile is something just a couple of users do. Can it be arduous? In truth the owners follow the practice of ignoring and ignoring the routine checks and maintenance for their very own bad. Not taking the car of yours to a professional for transmission service while you discover a leakage will be a blunder. When it relates to the maintenance as well as repair of transmission each and every car owner wishes to invest as little as he is able to. To be able to attain that you need to stay away from making a number of common driving mistakes. These mistakes may take a toll on your cause and transmission before time damage.


Common Mistakes Car Owners MAKE


When a car owner wants the set of his of wheels to survive for numerous miles on the street he’s to pay attention to a couple of minute things that matter great deal for the quality and state of the car of yours and its components. Search out what all wrong you’ve been doing wrong, unknowingly or knowingly and correct yourself nowadays for well being of the vehicle of yours. There are several dos and do n’ts making the photo unambiguous for the mighty motorists.

1. Starting automobile and driving straightaway without offering some time to the car of yours to warm up is a thing nearly all of the owners do to deteriorate their automobile parts functioning.

2. Do not speed up or perhaps drive your automobile tough until it’s an emergency only after you begin it.

3. Not checking out the fuel type, fuel which is actually suggested by the producer to ensure it is operate on is once again something very popular and proves disastrous for the transmission of yours in run that is long. You are able to refer the automobile owner ‘s manual to discover the suggested item for the car of yours. Stay away from filling up shoddy solutions into the automobile tank.

4. Terrific driving problem may be anchored just when you’re regular at inspecting your automobile enough. When you drive it daily you can’t get it for granted. It’s essential to examine the gas, coolant, tires. Park the car of yours as well as check everything from tires to light bulbs as well as windshield etc.

How to Fix a Chipped or Cracked Windshield

When there are actually windshield cracks the owner might be in a position to address it themselves using a package or even have a specialized car glass technician perform the job. The package has all of the equipment that are needed to resolve the crack, like the resin. Something to note is actually that these cracked windshield systems will just work on small holes or maybe dings or perhaps thin small cracks. For deep or long windshield cracks or maybe ones that don’t react to therapy with the system, must be taken to an automobile glass repair shop to possess the windshield replaced or even fixed. When they consider it, they are able to tell you in case it’s repairable or perhaps must be changed.

In case you’re planning to make use of the package these’re the actions that will have to be used.

• The first task is removing any loose clutter in any glass and the crack.
• Wash the windshield of yours to eliminate some remaining loose particles as well as shards of cup • After reading through the directions which was included with the system because each system differs slightly. The primary tool has suction cups, that are actually put over the windshield break but make certain that you are able to still notice the break through the middle of the tool.

• Once you’ve the device firmly in role apply resin into the middle of the gap. The package might contain an additional application which will correctly use the resin and get rid of any air bubbles which look after applying.
Don’t eliminate the tool. You are able to make your automobile sit in a dry bright place to assist harden the resin. The resin is going to be a clear solid mass after it’s hardened that will stay securely stuck in the auto glass crack.


• Once it’s hardened you are able to get rid of the equipment • Check the break to find out if you have to repeat the therapy. In case it’s a full crack, you might have to do it once again.
• Once you’re happy with the fix of the windshield cracks you ought to have a gentle dry cloth and then refine the part so the resin remedy will fit the glass around it almost as it is able to.

Most Common Brake Noises: Causes and How to Fix Them ..

There’ll come a time whilst you’re driving a car that you’ll have difficulties with the brakes of yours. You may not detect it right away but as soon as you begin to audibly hear the noises, realize that there’s something wrong.

First thing ‘s very first. Ensure you have a great distance from the street in case you’ve a level tyre instead and have to alter it.

These’re the various noises your brakes do that you need to be completely aware of:

Grinding – grinding is normally the sounds of 2 metal parts rubbing together. And so understand this means that you’ve a seriously damaged brake pad. Without having a brake pad, there’s absolutely nothing which is preventing you safely. It’s suggested you don’t continue driving as it might stop you from stopping at a website traffic light.

Knocking from the back – this continual annoying sound you listen to when using brakes suggests that there’s a difficulty with the back drums. There may be a chance that the brake or perhaps rear drum has been resurfaced that is actually creating that knocking sound. Fixing this issue may be accomplished by yourself though it will be advisable to get a technician to correct it.

Squeaking – this’s an indication that use has been inflicted on the brakes. In case not fixed it might be risky to you. The squeaking audio is generally the result of a wear indicator. This allows the driver know that use is now being recognized. Ensure you receive the brakes replaced right away. You are able to still operate a great distance before actually being in danger but make certain they get replaced soon enough.

In case your brakes do not work at most, release the accelerator and gradually move into the edge lane. With the automobile losing momentum you’ll ultimately come to a stop.

When you’re close to beginning to a stop, take up the hand brake gradually so that your wheels do not lock up as a result making you swerve around hazardously.


Why A Routine Car Servicing Is A Must For Your Vehicle?

Are you a very pleased proprietor of an automobile? Investing the hard earned money of yours on purchasing a car is really an achievement which causes you to think out of the planet. Frequently it becomes hard to afford a novice driver vehicle because of the involvement of a large investment, exceeding the budget of yours. Is not it? Nevertheless, the old automobiles are actually inexpensive and a terrific choice anytime if you think of the value of automobiles in your daily life. Having an automobile help you to make use of the car at any use of time for no matter what reason you need.

Nevertheless, buying an automobile involves daily maintenance and servicing at clear intervals. The automobile is able to run poorly after a particular period of time because of to put on and tear, contamination, environmental conditions, and everyday use of the automobile. To stay away from some such issues and enjoy a stress free ownership, it’s really important to keep and service the car of yours from moment to time.

Do you realize of the advantages that you are able to enjoy with the regular automobile servicing and maintenance procedure?

· The right car repairing regular servicing schedule and shop of the car of yours is able to help you in preserving a great deal of cash. Wondering just how? In case the important parts of the car of yours as engine oil as well as fluid levels, inflation amount of the tire are actually examined and change of filter systems, brakes, and spark plugs are actually carried out at predetermined time periods, it minimizes the possibility of any major malfunction of the automobile, therefore, saving an enormous sum in repairing your automobile.

· Often the fuel prices start to be unstable. In such cases, regular maintenance is able to help you in maintaining your expenses low. It minimizes your vehicle ‘s operating cost and also increases gas mileage.


· The vehicle of yours is able to have extra harm in case you stay away from regular servicing. In case you ignore the car of yours, it may stop working completely requiring you to commit extensively in automobile repair.

· Servicing the car of yours at definite intervals are able to help you keep the importance of your automobile. To get a great price for the vehicle of yours while you intend to market it off, automobile servicing in a timely fashion becomes really crucial.