Ancient mysticism shows us that whenever Leo guys are from inside the presence of these birthstone

Speaking only for my self, I can attest this to be true.

4. He may end up being self-focused

There’s really no method to sugarcoat this characteristic or imagine its something that it isn’t. When you look at the general sense, numerous Leo guys are self-focused.

Don’t confuse this with being a narcissist due to the fact two terms are not equivalent. Narcissists do not have the capability to worry about (or feel) the requirements of people.

Self-focused everyone, but perform.

The difference, at least in terms of the guys, is we’re powered by a sense of reason. We’re speaking about confident boys whom know precisely whatever you wish and will manage what is necessary to make it work.

This does not suggest we do not value your needs. However it is to declare that looking for our fantasies, we possess the propensity to attenuate other individuals.

This isn’t always a pleasant thing to see in regards to. Nevertheless emerged here when it comes down to actual price, appropriate?

5. Super competitive

If you have one thing that can be said about the lion, it is that he is aggressive. Depending on the method that you examine situations, this could be either a professional or a con. The inventors are natural-born players and competent at taking advantage of her real prominence.


This aggressive streak additionally holds true in other life areas, instance business and entrepreneurship. Once more, as soon as you think of Leo guys, thought natural-born frontrunners.

The favorable part usually more end up being champions, which in the monetary awareness often means monetary triumph. The bad role usually we sometimes bring a win whatever it takes attitude.

In romantic relationships, expect the lion to battle tooth and complete to win your over. (more…)


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