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Driveway Gates – The Essential Guide


The driveway gate, the entrance to your home and property – we quite often think of them as a required fixture of the driveway of ours, a modest continuation of the back garden wall or maybe fence and merely the effort of exit and access. We forget that they are able to better the visual appeal of a property with the addition of charm as well as style. The gate is usually the very first thing visitors see whenever they go to or even pass the property of yours as well as the appearance of its is able to mirror what lies beyond by providing an excellent and bad very first impression.

Which driveway gate must I pick?

Selecting a driveway gate significantly is dependent on the design and the intended purpose of its. A fairly easy timber gate which blends in seamlessly with the fence or maybe wall offers a conventional feel and look. On the other hand, a good timber clad or perhaps wrought iron gate is able to provide a much better amount of security and privacy for the home of yours.

Automated or perhaps manual

In the event that you would like to go that small bit more you might think about an automatic gate. No far more hassle of getting in as well as out of the automobile on a damp working day, as well as the gain of the gate usually being shut once the driveway is not being used. Electric powered gates could be a terrific add-on to the property of yours by deterring unwanted visitors, but make certain you purchase them installed by an experienced gate engineer. You will find choices that are a number of to pick from based on the driveway access of yours and slope.

Kinds of gate

Fundamentally, driveway gates seem to be made from 2 textiles, metal or even wood. Metallic gates are available in a number of styles and styles and are produced in aluminium or even steel. Steel gates usually tend to be more ornate in nature in which aluminium gates are able to supply the appearance and feel of a regular timber clad gate but at a tiny proportion of the weight and without the hassle of yearly timber maintenance.

Gate care and maintenance

As soon as you have invested in the perfect gate for the front yard of yours, you finally have to make certain that the gate of yours is provided probably the very best safety to keep it searching as well as new, for the longest possible time.

Just about all brand new cork driveway gates are actually pre treated to safeguard the timber against wood rot as well as bug encounter, though these remedies do not offer all round defense from the weather. The suns and weather erosion UV rays are going to degrade the usefulness of the therapies over time.

In case you’re searching for an all natural appearance, you might wish to overcoat any kind of preservative therapy with a clear exterior wood oil or even decking oil. These items have a blend of oils, waxes as well as resins which penetrate the wood deep down to offer very good protection against drinking water access. A number of the items come with UV filters which help you to retain the natural colour of the timber for longer, postponing the coming of weathering.

To paint your driveway gate

When you plan to try painting the gate of yours, it is essential to make sure that just about any wood preservative worn beforehand is free from wax, silicon and oil. Majority of outside paints are actually water based and any pre treatment which has oil or wax may prevent the color from sticking with the wood. Consistently buy an excellent paint, it is able to help you save cash as well as time in the long term.

Wood Stains

Making use of an outside wood stain on the driveway gate of yours is actually a great means of keeping the natural grain of the timber. A light coloured softwood gate could be stained as well as sealed to make the colour look of Teak, Walnut or perhaps Mahogany.


Why oil timber gates?

As with every other backyard wood like benches, fencing as well as sheds, it is generally a wise decision to oil the wood as part of an annual garden maintenance regime. Wood oils penetrate in to the wood grain to change the natural skin oils lost over time. This will keep the wood nourished and supple, helping to stop or even reduce cracking and splitting. Additionally, lots of exterior wood oils and decking oils have UV filter systems which assist to guard the timber from the bleaching consequence of the sunshine.

An extra advantage of using wood oils is they help to avoid water penetration, a typical cause of mould as well as wood rot.



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Meet UK Staircase Building Regulations

Regardless of whether you’re preparing a complete new staircase or simply a refurbishment of your current stair balustrade, you have to ensure that your stairs comply with existing UK creating laws. Lots of older staircases might not meet today’s standards, as putting in fresh handrails, spindles as well as newel posts are going to give you an opportunity to bring the staircase of yours up to date in phrases of safety along with appearance. Here’s a brief run down of the major areas associated with private domestic stairs which you need to note of:

Stair pitch

The stair pitch, or maybe steepness, is really important for safety. Every level has to be level and also have exactly the same rise (height) as well as the same going (depth). For example, you cannot have 190mm for the initial 4 risers followed by 200mm for the rest, as this may be confusing for the user.

An exception to this particular rule is actually if there’s a landing halfway up the stairs, in which case each area of the staircase could be taken care of differently. Nevertheless, this’s not recommended.

These’re the permitted measurements:

The optimum rise, or maybe height, for every phase must be 220mm, with the minimum being 150mm.

Every action has to have a minimum going, or maybe depth, of 220mm, along with a maximum going of 300mm.

The optimum pitch, and steepness, mustn’t exceed forty two.

Stair width

Truth be told, there’s no recommendation for the minimum breadth of a domestic staircase. Nevertheless, to make certain that the stairs of yours are actually pleasing to the eye and comfy to make use of it’s ideal to come up with the staircase a minimum of 800mm broad, with the optimum advised width being between 850mm as well as 950mm.

With regards to loft conversions, the commonly recognized minimum width is actually 600mm, though between 700mm as well as 750mm is actually suggested.

On staircases that change direction, you’re permitted to create each flight an alternative width when needed.

Stair length

A flight of stairs are able to include as much as thirty six risers, or maybe actions, in a straight line. And then, they need to change direction by a minimum of thirty. This’s to interrupt falls as well as prevent anybody tumbling quite a distance down to the bottom part of the stairs.


A landing may either be a level platform in which the stairs change direction, or maybe part of the floor at the top or maybe bottom part of the staircase. For safety, the landing should be no less than as deep and wide as probably the narrowest portion of the stairs. Every landings have to get totally level aside from the ground floor, in which a small gradient (up to 1:60) is actually permitted. Additionally, no door must be in a position to swing nearer than 400mm to the front side of any phase.

Head room

There’s a minimum head space requirement of 2m at all the points both on as well as off the stairs. In the situation of loft conversions the accessible headroom will meet developing laws so long as the height at the centre of the staircase is actually no less than 1.9m, as well as doesn’t lower to under 1.8m at the edge of the stairs.

Several construction control officers might be lenient when you’re having real difficulty with the loft stairs of yours, though you need to check with them before you go forward.



The stairs of yours need to have a handrail on a minimum of one side in case the staircase is actually under 1m broad, and rail on each side in case the stairs are actually wider than that. You do not need to install a handrail on the very first 2 steps up from the bottom, but after the point you have to ensure there’s a handrail on any open areas of the staircase to protect individuals going up and down.

The handrail height has to be between 900mm as well as 1000mm as measured out of the pitch line to the roof of the handrail. (The pitch line is actually an imaginary line drawn throughout the idea of the treads demonstrating the incline of the staircase from the best to bottom.)

Care about the gap

One of the more vital rules, targeted at protecting kids that are little and preventing falls, is actually that a 100mm sphere mustn’t have the ability to pass through any opening on a staircase. This implies you have to make sure that balusters, or the spindles, aren’t far apart, and that any broad spaces between open risers are actually equipped with riser bars to bring down the dimensions of the openings.

Stair balustrades must additionally be created to ensure that kids aren’t urged to climb up them. Because of this old-fashioned’ ranch style’ banisters with horizontal stair rails must be replaced with vertical spindles.

Please remember that these rules just apply to homes in England as well as, because the majority of part, Northern Ireland and Wales. Scotland has the own set of its of creating laws.


Why Homeowners Opt For Attic Conversions

As of today, an increasing number of homeowners are searching for ways regarding how to make the homes of theirs much more attractive and functional. And, one of the most prevalent choices is attic conversions.

Attic or maybe loft transformation is a procedure where homeowners change a clear attic room or maybe loft into a functional space, usually utilized as a bedroom, a gym, office space, and storage room. Numerous home owners favor these kinds of remedies since it is able to offer a number of capabilities. Below are several of the following.

To enhance living room easily

Among the primary reasons why homeowners plan for attic conversions is actually improving their living room very easily. Obviously, you will find cases when homeowners have to have an additional room for a brand new member of the household. Nevertheless, creating these kinds of room might be hectic most particularly in case you don’t have adequate property room. Fortunately, opting for attic conversions could be a good choice. With this, you don’t have to massive properties to produce a brand new living room.

In order to stay away from considerable enhancement costs


The following reason homeowners choose attic conversions is avoiding sizable improvement expenses. Home improvement projects are pricey. It gets far worse in case you’re preparing to enhance living room. Fortunately, attic conversions are better choices than creating brand new establishments in the property of yours. Apart from that, attic or maybe loft conversions are actually a lot easier to do than building, which will help you lower the bills of yours significantly.

In order to produce brand new ways of income

An additional good reason why homeowners choose attic or maybe loft conversions is gaining brand new ways of revenue. Renting out converted attics could be a great source of revenue. Nevertheless, prior to planning for this particular venture, you have to ensure you’ve adequate room. Never to mention, you have to call in specialists to evaluate the establishment of yours first to ensure safety. And, you additionally have to call in specialists that will help you convert you attic. This’s crucial to make sure that you are able to create attics functional as well as attractive.

In order to improve home value

Last but not least, attic conversions may additionally aid homeowners improve the importance of the house of theirs. Clearly, having lawns as well as gardens are able to boost value. Nevertheless, homeowner also can up the importance of the property of theirs by improving household aesthetics as well as function. Additionally, attic conversions also help homeowners appreciate much better views of their community and street.


5 Home Improvement Tips For This Winter

The winter is actually approaching, and also you have to be prepared for it. You have to have the home of yours prepared for the cool season, which is essential in case you desire to make your house energy-efficient & comfy. Take a look at the next home improvement suggestions that can make a difference this winter.

Go For an Energy Audit

You are able to employ an authorized specialist to have your house rated. The energy rater is going to conducted an “audit” & evaluate the residence of yours for potential power losses along with other safety issues. Based on the comprehensive report he is going to give you, you are able to make essential fixes and make the house of yours a lot more energy-efficient.

The specialist will furthermore provide you with a number of ideas to deal with the typical problems with the house of yours. You are able to then take measures that are necessary to resolve the problems.

Seal The Walls

The seals in the walls let the air in, that causes fluctuations of the heat within the home of yours. You are able to get on a scheme and make use of a tube of caulk to deal with the problem areas. Apart from this, you need to seal the areas in which you are able to find energy boxes on the drywall. Check all of the small holes on the backside of the boxes are actually sealed.

Seal The Can Lights

Air leaks are able to happen in the ceiling also, particularly the part on the ceiling in which the recessed lighting fixtures are located. Some can lighting fixtures are vented so they do not get overheated because of the light bulb. Everything you have to accomplish is actually get rid of the can then seal the perimeter of the can with quality caulk. In the exact same way, the inner location of the can must be sealed with lightweight aluminum tapeto or perhaps caulk.

Fill The Insulation Gaps

In order to find insulation gaps, you need to look at the exterior faucets as well as air vents for great gaps. These gaps are going to allow the atmosphere to escape through the home in winter. You are able to make use of growing foam to seal these holes.

Your Heating System

Before the arrival of winter, you are able to get your furnace tuned up. Based on pros, the energy bills of an average home are impacted by way of the heating. If the boiler process of yours or maybe furnace is ineffective, the heating bills of yours might increase. Be sure you purchase a quality filter.

You are able to change the filter to come up with the boiler a lot more effective. While this might appear like an unwanted expenditure, it is going to pay back down the street.

Check The Windows of yours

The windows of yours must be ideal for the climate of the home of yours. For example, in case you reside in a space just where it is extremely cool in winter, you might wish to invest in windows which feature double paned insulated cup.

Purchase a Smart Thermostat

You are able to think about setting up a wise thermostat. A few sophisticated variants will be operated with a smartphone too. Programmable thermostats are best in styles that are different as well as price levels. These units let you improve the energy efficiency of the home of yours.

Hence, you are able to utilize these seven strategies for remodeling just before the arrival of up coming winter season. By doing this you are able to save some serious money on the heating bills of yours.



Staircase Design – 5 Top Trends

Home interiors, including clothes, shoes as well as automobiles, have a tendency to evolve with the times as certain types fall in as well as out of favour based on the fashion of the day. The very same could be said, up to a place, of staircase layout. Clearly, you cannot change the stairs of yours as easily as the decor of yours, therefore it is essential to choose the right approach very first time.

So what is hot and what is not in stair look at the moment? Allow me to share 5 trends to appear out for:


1. Glass

Over any other, this particular feature has noticed a massive surge of popularity lately. Glazed stair balustrades are starting to be more and more sought after as individuals look to maximise the sensation of space and light they can provide to the surroundings of theirs. Even though glass stair panels used to get primarily the preserve of contemporary homes, today they’re usually utilized in standard interiors to make a contemporary twist and increase the flow of natural lighting within the property.

Naturally, you do not need to stop at the balustrade. Should you actually want to make the neighbours of yours jealous, you are able to have the treads as well as risers made from glass for a stunning 21st century impact.

2. lines that are Clean

The general opinion of the area of inside design at the second appears to be that less is much more. From the line of mine of work I’ve seen a recent change away from decorative stair balustrades to simpler, cleaner styles. While ornate turned spindles, newels & hats continue to be selling good, there’s been greater interest in sleek, minimalistic styles for instance stop-chamfered and square types.

3. Curves

As manufacturing methods have improved through the years, the need for curved stairs has been bit by bit rising. These staircases will need rather a good deal of room but tend to offer a great center point. Because of their traditional flowing lines, they’re ideal for traditional and modern homes equally. Spiral stairs, also, are actually proving widely used – particularly with owners of smaller properties, and those searching for a second staircase. They will be able to look spectacular, but do not use up as a lot of floor area.

4. Mix of materials

One more rising development is actually blending various material types together for an individual look, referred to as fusion (also well known with foodies!). When selecting a handrail you’re most likely very best off sticking with timber, as this’s probably the most comfy substance to grip. Nevertheless, with regards to the balustrade infill there’s a lot more option. In addition to glass panels, you are able to test out spindles made of metal, wood or maybe a mix of the 2 – and match and mix with glass in case you would like.

Metal spindles are becoming especially popular lately, because of the wide selection of styles now for sale. Most people are actually made out of gentle steel shaped to resemble wrought iron, which can help to keep both production costs and spindle weight to a bare minimum. You do not need to stick to only one style of metal spindle, also. Alternating 2 various designs could be an excellent approach to provide the stairs of yours a private touch.

5. Storage

As the square footage in homes that are new has frequently shrunk over recent years, storage room is now a critical concern. It is no surprise, then, that much more home owners are actually asking for essential storage to help you keep clutter out of sight. This may be attained by connecting shelves or maybe cupboards under the staircase, or perhaps by incorporating drawers to the particular steps.