Celtic Tattoos: History, Culture and Meaning

Celtic nations been around in the Iron Age and the Roman era and they made up of 6 nations 3 of which were Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. The Celts were huge on symbolism as well as tattoos were a part of the culture of theirs, but at that point, merely distinct folks got specific tattoos. Provided Below are several typical Celtic design tattoos and the hidden meanings of theirs.

Triquetra – This sign is rather common and could be inked alone or perhaps into knot work. Based on the dynamics and factor, the significance varies. It’s also a profoundly religious symbol. It is able to stand for the Father, Holy Ghost and Son or maybe past, future and present or even mind, spirit and body along with power, love and intellect

Single Spiral – The spiral symbolizes birth, ethereal energy and growth radiating outwards or inwards, based on the point of yours of view. It is able to likewise symbolize development of the consciousness.


It’s not easy to find out exactly where the knot began and ended. It presents the infinite cycle of living. It may be used as an appeal to defend against ill health and misfortune. This’s just about the most famous tattoos of Celtic origins these days.

Additionally, it presents the 4 components of nature – earth, water, air and fire, everything touching each balanced and other and harmonized by a fifth group.

Celtic Horse – This horse usually means for power, prophecy, magic, prosperity and perhaps direction.


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