Cheeseburger: Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

Flint Lockwood is a wizard. Or perhaps at least he believes he’s. He is a clumsy and ambitious inventor whose gadgets never appear to be helpful or even make some sense at all. Actually, he goes on to utilize one of his unusual inventions to this particular day; diamond spray on shoes. As soon as he sprayed them on, they do not ever came off.

Despite the flaws of his, he often had the mother of his to help him. But after the death of her, he’s left operating at his suspicious father ‘s Bait and Tackle store. Not merely is his dad “technophobic” though he and Flint have certainly nothing in common.

After joining the FLDSMDFR to the town ‘s energy station, the printer absorbs way too much energy and takes off such as a rocket. Quickly, Swallow Falls is not raining dogs and cats, but cheeseburgers!

Cheeseburgers not in your neighborhood forecast? Not to worry. Simply follow this recipe and you will be feasting as the individuals of Swallow Falls quickly.

Cheeseburger Recipe:


4 pounds ground beef
1 container hamburger bread (4 buns)
2 packages sliced cheese
1 to 2 spoons barbecue sauce
2 teaspoons salt and pepper
3 packages hamburger buns



When there is not no more pink pour the barbecue sauce. In a skillet spray the bottom of the skillet.Let the skillet get hot. In a mixing bowl add the ingredients together but the cheese and hamburger buns. When there isn’t no more pink add the barbecue sauce. When done set the hamburgers onto an paper towel on a plate. When serving these add the cheese onto the hamburgers. Add miracle whip or mayo.

Cooking time: twenty minutes. – Servings: three.


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