Cheeseburger in Paradise | Cheeseburger

Why a cheeseburger and not really a steak or perhaps a signature meal of some kind? The solution is very simple – in case you cannot do the basic principles really well, how could you be likely to do the far more complex dishes any better?

The prerequisites, or perhaps at minimum the litmus test, are actually straight forward. it is gotta taste great, and It is gotta look great, and an hour or perhaps so later I cannot have rumblings – a negative sign – in the stomach of mine. Easy enough you’d think, but shocking how frequently it simply does not come out right. Exactly how hard might it be to put together 2 all beef patties, cheese, lettuce, special sauce, pickles along with a sesame seed bun? And “Who’s got the beef?” or perhaps “Where’s the beef?” as a few would say.


My Top 5 Picks

– Don Shulas Steak House, Miami. Don only serves the finest Angus beef.
– Margaritaville, Key West. Jimmy Buffet has a really good burger, and music to boot.

– Hotel du Paris, Monte Carlo. These folks don’t hold back on their burgers.
– Le Bec Fin, Philadelphia. Classic, no holds-barred-burger.
– The Boat House Restaurant, Harbour Island, Bahamas. My absolute top pick.


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