Chevrolet Cruze 2016

Precisely why It Matters: The present Cruze is actually pleasant but barely enjoyable. Depending on what we are able to see of this particular automobile, the next one will not set anyone ‘s hair style on fire, also. No easy task. It is also fascinating to find out how vastly different it’s from the Chinese market Cruze, and that is already out. We will have to wait until much more camo comes off the one to figure out which edition we like better.


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Platform: The 2016 Cruze is going to ride on GM’s brand new D2XX compact wedge – the successor to the present Delta II – that will be discussed with the Buick Verano and the Opel Astra and also the Chevy Equinox, among others. It’s also believed to be substantially lighter compared to the present design. Ice accumulation on the back bumper and decklid, nonetheless, reveal a neatly sculpted tail.


Whether they are going to be at the roof of the class whenever the automobile finally getting here remains to be noticed.

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