Chicago Style Pizza Dough Recipe

In fact, I’m the last individual that must write about pizza. It is not I do not have specialized expertise, experience or passion. I’ve made pizza, thick and thin, by hand as well as by machine. I’ve instructed pizza making classes. I have owned as well as operated a pizza delivery business.


The thing is, I am hopeless. I cannot actually choose a favorite kind; I am getting slap satisfied thinking about all of the pizza I’ve experienced. The very best pizza is actually the one that I’ve in front of me. An essential part of the trouble is actually I reside in Chicago. We Chicagoans are actually blessed to the use of confusion. Every community has a gem of a location and they’re all a bit different and they’re all really good.

This’s the formula that i utilize at home when I’m not consuming frozen pizza, or maybe delivery pizza.
It is one slim crispy pizza the dimensions of a cookie sheet or even a level baking pan. And, obviously, they’re just as great, fresh new from the oven.

Basic Pizza Dough 
1 packet dry yeast
1 cup warm water
1tablespoon sugar
½ teaspoon salt
¼ cup olive oil
2 ½ cups flour


Pre heat your oven to 450 degrees. Oil your pan or baking sheet.

You have to understand yeast to make some type of dough. Treat the yeast of yours as in case you had been making a container for a baby. Sweet and warm is great for a baby. In case the water is simply too warm, the yeast will expire. Excessive salt is going to retard the progress of the yeast. After that add in the oil as well as salt. Knead flour until it’s a smooth ball. You have got to keep the infant warm. In case it cools off it will not rise.

You cannot over manage yeast dough. In case it does not turn out right the very first time, allow it to rise once again (in a comfortable place) and begin over. The same as the baby it really loves attention.

I might create on as well as on for the majority of the life of mine about the sorts of toppings and sauce that you may place on the pizza of yours. Nevertheless, I am going to trust your creativity and judgment. The sole words of warning that I’ve are actually “Not an excessive amount of sauce on a slim pizza.” In case you like plenty of sauce, make a solid crust pizza.


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